Ronda Rousey: To be ranked or not to be ranked

When the UFC rankings were first introduced in February 2013, while not perfect, they were a much welcome addition to the product, something which their biggest rival Bellator should propose going forward. However, there is definite room for improvement, the case of Ronda Rousey for one.

Despite not competing for nearly a year now, Rousey is still ranked in the top 10 in the women’s bantamweight division. Rousey has not officially announced her retirement, but there are no immediate plans for her to return, she is far more likely to be seen in a WWE ring than a UFC octagon.

While personally, I wouldn’t totally rule out a one-off return sometime in the future, if the right opponent that ticks certain boxes is around, Rousey certainly won’t be looking to regain her belt again.

It seems highly likely Rousey won’t announce any plans to return in the immediate future; therefore she should not be ranked.

For me, the obvious way forward in issues like this, Nate Diaz another example who is still ranked in the lightweight top ten despite not having fought since UFC 202, is if they haven’t fought in 12 months and if there are no plans to do so, they are removed from the rankings.

It’s a simple straightforward rule that keeps the rankings relevant and more importantly credible.

Champion: Amanda Nunes 15-4-0
1 Valentina Shevchenko 14-3-0
2 Holly Holm 11-3-0
3 Julianna Pena 9-3-0
4 Raquel Pennington 9-6-0
5 Germaine de Randamie 7-3-0
6 Cat Zingano 9-2-0
7 Ketlen Vieira 9-0-0
8 Sara McMann 11-4-0
9 Ronda Rousey 12-2-0
10 Marion Reneau 8-3-1

Mark Baldwin
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James Matthew Benson Jr.

Click bait to make people think she’s still relevant. When it came easy to her in a weak division she thrived but the moment real talent got in the ring she melted. MMA will never miss her

Jorge Hernandez

I didn’t know wwe had rankings

Dean Ashcroft

Get her out of the rankings

Ian Boyle

UFC lost the plot ages ago , card changes due to drug failures , fake injuries a couple of weeks before fight , out for years back for a title fight for $$$ , and interim titles in every weight class ,
If Rhonda does come back she would do a GSP win then injured then go to WWE

Séan Vibes

Whos she?

George Carlos Pastor

Asian habit of explaining things

Thomas Doyle

George Carlos Pastor yea that’s what retired means lol

George Carlos Pastor

With no expected return date

Thomas Doyle

She lost her last two and is retired for like 18 months loll

Nick Bacon

You might as well rank Randy Couture. It makes as much sense.

Kenn Lang

Rankings don’t matter in the UFC.
You can be out of the sport for years and get a title shot as long as they think they can sell the ppv

Matthew Kenpachi

ranked in top 15 not top 10. she hasn’t fought in a almost year with no bout in sight.

Connor McCormack

Bart Kiatphontip uh oh…

Tim Bybee

Who cares , she won’t fight again .

Thomas Manning

Uk Muay Thai if you’re inactive for 1 year you get removed from the rankings

Daniel Ehrmantraut

She’s done, her ego and her big mouth are her curse