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Uriah Hall: Now Or Never

No fighter has come off The Ultimate Fighter with more hype or expectation than Uriah Hall. Up to now he has mostly failed to deliver on that hype. For the most part Hall’s UFC career has been one of frustration, never quite reaching the heights he was expected to reach, the win over Gegard Mousasi the obvious highlight so far.

Heading into 2018 with an MMA record of 13-8, it looks a like a case of now or never. A recent win Krzysztof Jotko snapped a three-fight losing skid, and this weekend he faces the veteran Vitor Belfort at UFC Fight Night 124, in a must-win fight to stay relevant.

The 33-year-old is currently ranked 11 with Belfort at 12, so if Hall has realistic ambitions to threaten the title picture, a win over Belfort is a must. The likes of Anderson Silva, GSP and Michael Bisping will all probably leave the top 10 in the coming months for different reasons, so he could find himself ranked well inside the top 10 himself by default, he cannot afford a loss to Belfort.

On past form Hall looks unlikely to threaten the title picture, but he is a danger to anybody if he can sort out the confidence issues which personally I feel have hindered his progress. I feel Hall will get the job done against Belfort, who is not what he once was after that Hall will face a difficult 2018 to get himself anywhere near the top of the division.


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  • Mike Liatto
    14/01/2018 at 2:58 pm

    Apparently it’s never.