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Another Side to Weight Cutting

There is no doubt how serious the problems Uriah Hall experienced were, and it goes without saying everybody wishes him a speedy recovery.

While you could certainly argue it might not be the time to say this or maybe it would be better keeping it private, but Dana White has had his say on Hall.

This is taken from the post fight media scrum after the weekends UFC show on St Louis:

“I have a very long relationship with Uriah, I like him very much personally. But the guy’s at the UFC (Performance Institutute) said he doesn’t take it serious. He doesn’t take his training serious, he doesn’t do what anybody tells him. He does his own thing,” White said.

“A week before the fight, he went to L.A. and was hanging out in L.A. in clubs and stuff. So, not good. So I’m going to talk to him, he texted me tonight. He’ s back in his room, obviously he’s not good, and if you don’t cut weight the right way and you don’t do what you’re supposed to do, this is what happens.”

Hall I am sure will have his own views on White’s comments, and they may well tell a very different tale altogether. But we have seen stories like this before, certain fighters not living the life of a fighter.

Taking the Hall issue aside, sometimes fighters are the problem, in how they live, what they eat and how they make the weight full stop.

Both the sport, the regulatory bodies, the promotions and indeed the fighters themselves, need to look at the whole scenario of cutting weight, as I have said in a previous article, it’s an accident waiting to happen, and a very serious one at that.