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Paul Daley and Bellator at Odds

Paul Daley has just posted the following statement on his Facebook page

‘Scott Coker talking about Page at the Bellator presser, Bellator are Sooooooo on ass it’s sickening 🤢 He hasn’t fought MMA in how long, his last performance in boxing and MMA were terrible.

I beat Lorenz Larkin former UFC guy, top 6 when he left the organisation…by KO and they sweep it under the rug? and then sideline me….

I’m gonna Fight out my contract…..THAT MVP Fight WONT BE HAPPENING…under the Bellator banner anyways….So FUCK Bellator, 18 more month in this game and two more fights for Bellator and I’m done’. 🤛

Daley of course has had issues with his bosses before, the infamous Dana White fall out after the sucker punch incident, and it looks like there are problems again, judging by his comments on social media.

Daley beat Larkin in September and it doesn’t look as though any new fight has been booked for Daley to build on his impressive win over the Larkin, which looks like it is part of the frustration leading to his Facebook comments.

The beef with MVP has been well documented and it doesn’t like it will be settled in the cage, certainly not a Bellator cage, based on his comments.

Daley at 34 can’t really hang about in the sport, he knows his time is limited and is obviously frustrated Bellator hasn’t done more with him since the Larkin win, hopefully for all parties, this gets resolved quickly.


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  • Mark Cress
    20/01/2018 at 1:31 pm

    Good fire that sucker punchin bitch!