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UFC Charlotte Posts Lowest Ever Overnight Ratings

In a previous article I opened up a debate about do we need less UFC shows with a better quality more stacked cards. There seemed zero buzz about UFC Charlotte and it was one of those shows I had very little excitement about also. It looks like viewers on Fox had a similar opinion, Dave Meltzer has reported that the show did the lowest ever rating on the network for a UFC card.

While as I have said before, its a difficult balancing act, with over 500 plus fighters on the roster, TV dates to fill, the UFC brand to grow, but personally I think putting too many shows on, harms the product, the quality undoubtedly suffers.

There were some decent fights on UFC Charlotte, but also some which didn’t work out in terms of excitement which admittedly can happen on any card, but I was really struggling in watching some of the fights, the fast-forward button was a constant attraction, one which I rejected.

There were too many fights on the prelims, four is plenty. The lack of true star power on the card hurt the ratings for sure.

There is a new TV deal to be settled and these kinds of ratings certainly don’t help those negotiations, for me, I would prefer quality over quantity.



  • Richard Procter
    01/02/2018 at 2:35 pm

    I agree 100% with Herr Colin.

  • Colin MacKenzie
    30/01/2018 at 10:22 pm

    I agree that there are lots of fights throughout the year that I don’t mind missing as they’re less of a draw. But with about 500 fighter roster for the UFC, do you not think that less cards throughout the year will mean a lot of up and coming talent won’t get a chance to get showcased, and it will just be top 15 fighters of each weight class who are on course for title shots that will get fan attention ? It’s a tough middle ground of too many and not enough.
    Just seen you asked for feedback on your last article about this. I know myself that the fights I enjoy most are the big names and title fights, but everyone has to start somewhere and make a name.
    Living in Scotland as well, the UFC coming here is rare, you’re idea to cut down to two fight nights a month could mean that they would probably host most fights in America rather than any European tours.