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Interview with Pete Scott after his victory at Rama Evolution 3

Pete Scott recently fought and defeated Robert Morrison at Rama Evolution 3 in Linwood, Scotland.

Pete Scott is an experienced fighter having spent time and fought in Thailand. He is now happy to be back training and fighting in Scotland.

We caught up with Pete to talk about his recent win, what’s next and his experiences in Thailand.

You just fought at Rama Evolution in Linwood on Friday beating Robert Morrison, did the fight play out as you expected? You happy with your performance?

Yeah the fight went pretty much how I thought it would go. I knew Rab was taller than me and I thought that he would be trying to keep me at distance and come in and catch me with elbows coming in and out and that’s pretty much how the fight went. To be fair to Rab, he was actually much better than I thought. I had watched a couple of his previous fight videos but they were from a couple of years ago so I think he’s improved a lot since then. He is a very awkward fighter to fight against and difficult to hit. Also when I did hit him he was tougher than I thought to. I think I could have stepped it up a bit and maybe went for a stoppage but I’m happy with the win and came out the fight with no injuries, although Rab did cut me with one of his elbows in the 5th round.

Have you anybody lined up to fight next?

Yeah, I am fighting Callum McGowan on the 31st March at the same venue on the MTB show so looking forward to that. Callum has fought Rab and beat him as well as beating a lot of other really good fighters in Scotland so I am expecting a very hard fight and looking forward to a very hard fight.

How did you start to get involved in Muay Thai?

I had played football all of my life and stopped playing due to constant injuries and falling out of love with it. I started drinking a lot and needed to do some sort of exercise to keep me fit and on the straight and narrow. I went to watch one of my friends at the time fight, Keith Middleton. I was amazed by it and he got me along to training just for the fitness to start with then I got hooked and ended up in the ring and winning my first 4 fights by KO then was addicted.

You have spent time training and fighting in Thailand, can you tell us about that experience?

Yeah, I lived in Thailand for around 4 years. I trained pretty constant throughout that time but wasn’t fighting all that time due to things getting in the way like, alcohol, partying and then meeting my wife and having a baby. But the last year I was in Thailand I was fighting every month or few weeks at times. The training and lifestyle in Thailand is amazing as that’s their life over there. All you do is sleep, train, eat, train, eat, sleep, then same again. The heat is the best thing about it and not having to hold pads.. just being a fighter and having trainers training you. Over here I am a trainer at my gym, Aberdeen Combat Centre. We have great pad men and fighters here so the training we get is just as good as Thailand and we all get along great and help each other out. Big thanks to Chris Farman for starting up the gym and making it what it is today!

Is there a big difference competing in Thailand to in the UK?

In Thailand it’s less of a big deal, you train and you fight. Sometimes on a couple of days notice, mostly on short notice. Most of the time you don’t know who you are fighting until you get into the ring and see who’s standing in front of you. On the bigger shows, you will know but you’ll rarely know anything about them. Over here fights are such a big deal.. you get matched months in advance and then there is a lot of talk about the fight and usually, people are speaking about it in the gym or on social media and it gets built up more. But all of that can be ok at times and adds to the fight. The fight itself can be similar depending on the level of your opponent. But in the UK now the Muay Thai level has got really high so things are on the up for UK Muay Thai.

What is your stand out performance/win?

To be honest I am happy with pretty much all of my fights. I know that I come out the ring with either a win or known that I’ve fought good or left it all in the ring. If I came out knowing I’d not gave it 100% or lost convincingly then I wouldn’t get over that for a long time. A win that stands out would be when I won my first ever fight on points, it was in a tiny village called Mae Wang which is just south of Chiang Mai. It was a proper old school traditional Muay Thai show where the ring was thrown up in a field in the middle of nowhere with hundreds if not thousands of Thais crammed around the ring screaming and gambling. To win on points in Thailand is always difficult so to get the win there was a good feeling as I knew I’d have to fight very good and win convincingly to get the decision.

What do you still hope to achieve within the sport?

I’m not too sure, to be honest, just now I’m happy getting to train and fight alongside my friends. It would be good to win a title belt but if it happens it happens, if not then it’s not a big deal. I fought for 2 stadium titles in Thailand but losing both times or points, the 2nd time I think I was robbed but it was a great experience either way. For now, I am working full time at Aberdeen Combat Centre and loving it so will keep doing this for as long as I can and keep fighting for a little bit longer.


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