Fightstar Championship Live Results


Saturday 15th December 2018 – Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre

An evening of amateur and pro fights featuring elite UK and European fighters and two title fights.

Start time 6:30pm. Available to stream on MMATV.co.uk


Under Card

  1. Welterweight Bout: Pavlo Pivovarov 1-0-0 (Pro Mai MMA) vs. Faisal Kayani 1-3-0 (Luton Grappling Club) – Winner Faisal Kayani by decision
  2. Bantamweight Bout: David Javed 0-0-0 (Premier MMA) vs. Stefano Catacoli 1-1-0 (London Shootfighters) – Removed from card
  3. Welterweight Bout: Bledar Bushati 0-0-0 (Pro Mai MMA) vs. Damian Matuszewski 0-0-0 (Exile Gym) – Winner Bledar Bushati via TKO (round 1)
  4. Featherweight Bout: Erika Vorobjova 0-1-0 (Team Underground) vs. Cari McIntyre 0-1-0 (Pro Mai MMA) – Winner Erika Vorobjova via TKO (round 1)
  5. Flyweight Bout: George James 1-0-0 (Team Titan)  vs. Samuel Welch 1-1-0 (Premier MMA) – Winner Samuel Welch via TKO (round 2)
  6. Middleweight Bout: Mike Peacock 0-0-0 (NFM) vs. Pascal Baptiste 0-0-0 (Pro Mai MMA) – Winner Mike Peacock by decision
  7. Middleweight Bout: Thomas Dolega 0-0-0 (Beast Fight Team) vs. Simeon Powell 0-1-0 (Premier MMA) – Winner Simeon Powell via sub (RNC) (round 2)
  8. Featherweight Bout: Ysai Vilamur 0-0-0 (London Shootfighters) vs. Adriano Ganna 1-1-0 (Rough Diamonds MMA) – Winner Ysai Vilamur via TKO
  9. Bantamweight Bout: Amber Charles 0-0-0 (Pro Mai MMA) vs. Lexi Rook 2-0-0 (First Generation) – Winner Lexi Rook by decision
  10. Featherweight Bout: Kadeem Perkins 1-0-0 (New Wave Academy) vs. Ray Gilder 0-0-0 (Ronin MMA)
  11. Lightweight Bout: Linas Zdanavicius 0-0-0 (London Fightzone) vs. Alex Talmaci 1-0-0 (Pro Mai MMA) – Winner Alex Talmaci
  12. Featherweight Bout: Bjartur Gudlaugsson 2-4-0 (Mjolnir MMA) vs Noah Mannion 2-5-0 (New Wave Academy) – TBC
  13. Featherweight Bout: Logan Baldini 0-0-0 (Team Titan) vs. Harry Shaw 1-1-0 (NFM) – Winner Harry Shaw by TKO (round 2)
  14. Lightweight Bout: Nick Heyes 2-2-0 (BST) vs. Til Gjini 1-0-0 (New Wave Academy) – Winner Til Gjini via TKO (round 1)
  15. Flyweight Bout: Mitchell Johnson 3-5-0 (Team Crossface) vs. Joe Young 6-2-0 (London Shootfighters) – TBC
  16. Featherweight Bout: Humza Raja 3-0-0 (New Wave Academy) vs. Callum Haughian 3-2-0 (Revolution Martial Arts) – Winner Callum Haughian via sub (triangle)                                               MAIN CARD
  1. Featherweight Bout: Luke Santarelli 6-2-0 (MMA Trondheim) vs. Nik Bagley 6-2-1 (Team Titan) – Winner Luke Santarelli via decision
  2. Middleweight Bout: Calvin Reynolds 1-5-0 (GNG Wrestling) vs. Dawid Panfil 1-1-0 (Team Titan) – Removed from card
  3. Featherweight Bout: Alessio Leoni 0-2-0 (New Wave Academy) vs. Mickey Millar 2-8-0 – Winner Mickey Millar via sub (arm bar) (round 1)
  4. Lightweight Bout: Bjarki Omarsson 1-0-0 (Mjolnir MMA) vs. James Hendin 0-0-0 (NFM) – Winner James Hendin via TKO (round 1) 
  5. Co-Main Event – FSC Amateur Light Heavyweight Championship: Nikola Zlatev 4-2-0 (Varna MMA) vs. Luke Trainer 8-1-0 (Team Titan) – Winner Luke Trainer by decision – New Amateur Light Heavyweight Champion
  6. Main Event – FSC Light Heavyweight Championship: Daniel Konecke 10-14-0 (Ludus Magnus) vs. Modestas Bukauskas 6-2-0 (Gintas Combat/BST) – Winner Modestas Bukauskas by TKO (round 1) – New Pro Light Heavyweight Champion
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