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Scottish Grappling – What’s Next?

*Disclaimer – This is an opinion piece and does not mean that these matches are confirmed or even happening, this is just my thoughts on fights.

Allan Love Vs. Darren Clarke

This match would be competitive Gi or NoGi. It’s a match up against two BJJ Black Belts who have been successful at different belts and who have made names for themselves for the level of respect that they show as well as their absolute dominance on the mat. It would be hard to think of a better main event for the next show than this one if possible. It would likely be a tactical chess match between two of the best minds in grappling in Scotland and because of this it makes them two of the best practitioners in the country for BJJ.

Craig McIntosh Vs. Marcos Nardini

With Craig’s recent success he is cementing himself as one of the top NoGi grapplers in the country, a universally well received grappler in the country is Marcos Nardini, arguably the most successful black belt in Scotland seems to be in a league of his own. With McIntosh’s recent success it would make sense for Craig to face off against the very best grappler the country has to offer to determine how far his success can go.

Kevin McAloon Vs. Chris Duncan

This bout is compelling because of what Kevin has been able to do recently in grappling, he’s dominated the competition that he’s came across in BJJ. What makes sense is for him to have a NoGi match against recent Bellator winner Chris Duncan. Chris is an undefeated professional MMA fighter and a solid grappler, doing well in a recent Quintet style tournament. What makes this one so fun is that neither are used to losing, so one of these men would have to leave without the familiar feeling of having their hand raised.

Shay Montague Vs. Dominic Dillon 

With Shay’s recent success he has cemented himself as the very best purple belt in Scotland, facing off against Dominic Dillon would prove to be a solid test as Dillon isn’t just a brown belt but he is also a reigning world champion in Catch Wrestling, his wrestling heavy style and knowledge of the Gi could make this one very difficult to predict. There is a size difference between the two so the bout would need to be fought at Catchweight, however it would be guaranteed fireworks.

Graeme McQuiston Vs. Giles Garcia

With McQuiston’s success at purple belt it cam as no surpise when he was awarded his BJJ Brown Belt recently, so I believe a solid test for him would be Giles Garcia. This is one I don’t want to hype up too much because anyone who knows these men or who have shared a mat with them will know that they are as legitimate as it gets and will fully understand why this is a compelling match between the two politest grapplers in Scotland.

Shaiz Khan Vs. Martin Donaldson

Shaiz had a very successful run at purple belt, getting himself into the top 10 of his category in the official IBJJF rankings. Now that he has been promoted to Brown belt I believe Martin Donaldson would be the best match for him as Martin is a very good coach who has high level mat skills that would shouldn’t be taken lightly by anyone and because of this I believe this would be an excellent match.

Cameron Nicol Vs. Tristam Ribeiro-Will

They were meant to fight on SGI not too long ago but injury saw Cameron forced out with injury and instead saw his teammate Nathaniel Montgomery step in to fight Tristam, with Nathaniel losing a decision. With Tristam’s opportunistic submission attacking style and Cameron’s aggressive wrestling style this would be a must watch with the winner moving onto a potential title shot against Kevin McAloon in the near future.

Jack Brown Vs. Jack Williamson

This is the other match that could see the winner move onto a fight for Kevin’s title. Both men are phenomenal grapplers who thrive in finding the submission. These two men fly under the radar more than Cameron and Tristam but the winner of this match absolutely has the talent to challenge for a title shot and make it a competitive match, the success they have in finding the submission.

Gary Priestly Vs. Cameron Donnelly

Both men have an aggressive, fast paced style of grappling which would promise to make this match entertaining, known for using unique entries and rapid positional changes this would likely prove to be the most entertaining of the suggested matches. What makes this match up intriguing is both men’s approach to the leg lock game, very technical and precise whilst also being able to execute these manoeuvres at a quick pace whilst maintaining the technical.

Charles Johnston Vs. David Bain

Charles has been flying under the radar which is not good considering his recent string of performances, looking most impressive with his dominant run in the Quintet style system, eliminating an entire team by himself. Bain himself is a very physically stronger grappler with an knowledgeable leg lock attack system. Charles himself is also a very strong grappler, so if these two were to be matched up then it would be a very aggressive match with both men probably willing to risk a submission loss just in order to get the submission win, it wouldn’t require a referee’s decision.

Jamie Harvey Vs. Nathaniel Montgomery

With Harvey’s good run at blue belt it would make sense for him to fight BJJ Purple Belt Nathaniel Montgomery. Nathaniel being a very solid purple belt with a versatile game and aggressive leg lock attack style could definitely put Harvey in some difficult situations and it would be interesting to see how it plays out as Harvey himself is an excellent grappler that could just as easily threaten some tough situations for Nathaniel.