Ignite 3 live results

May 25 2019 at Alloa Town Hall, Scotland. Follow the results below.

K1 Michael ‘Daddy Cool’ Mailey vs Jeremy Philips – Phillips wins via TKO in round 2.

K1 Freddie ‘The Butcher Of Baghdad’ Al Ghita vs  Ryan Peet – bout ends in a draw.

K1 Gio Giacomini vs Bradley Scott – Bradley Scott wins via TKO in round 1.

K1 Matthew Cochrane vs Fred Peringo – Matthew Cochrane wins via Unanimous Decision.

MMA Max Freyene vs Jason Grant – Jason Grant wins via submission in round 1.

MMA Cammy Hotchkins vs Alex Meikle – Cammy Hotchkins wins via TKO in round 2.

K1 Iain Sword vs Callum Paterson – bout ends in a draw.

MMA Kev Brown vs Brent Batley – Brent Batley wins via submission in round 1.

K1 Nick Gracie vs Adam Shaw – Adam Shaw wins via unanimous decision.

K1 Robbie Dawson vs Jason Macpherson – Jason Macpherson wins via TKO.

COMBAT BJJ Stevie Waye vs Thomas Hepburn – Thomas Hepburn wins via unanimous decision

K1 Viktor Viagel vs Jack Bullock – Jack Bullock wins via TKO

MMA Adam Batley vs Fion McAleer – Adam Bartley wins via TKO

K1 Lewis Watson vs Andreas Ksiazek – Lewis Watson wins via TKO

MMA – Sean Stroud vs James Ritchie – James Ritchie wins via Unanimous Decision.

K1 Kunle Lawal vs David Winiarski – bout ends in a draw.

MMA Neil McLay vs David Fell – David Fell window via arm bar.

MMA Andreas Binder vs Paul McCulloch – Paul McCulloch wins via TKO.


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