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James Hamilton

Headhunters Fighting Championship live results

September 1, 2018, at Grangemouth Sports Complex, Scotland. Headhunters Fighting Championship returns once again for another evening of action-packed pro and amateur fights on the 1st of September at Grangemouth Sports Complex

Follow the results live below –

Liam Skinner vs Jamie Macdonald UAR 93kg – Jamie Macdonald wins via 1st round submission

Olly Georgopoulls  vs Georgio Christofi UAR 77kg – Georgio Christofi wins via decision 

Stu George vs Reece Strathearn UAR 70kg – Stu George wins via decision

Dane Dickson vs Bradley Scott UAR 66kg – Dane Dickson wins 1st round via ref stoppage

Ross McGowan vs Barry Munro 60kg – Ross McGowan wins via 1st round submission

John Grewar vs Kamil Filipowcz 70kg – Kamil Filipowcz wins via 1st round knockout

Robbie Brock vs Nayal Nacef  70kg – Nayal Nacef wins via split decision

Jamie Allan vs Scott Cameron 69kg – Scott Cameron wins via decision

Reece Brock vs Sean Clancy Jr 72kg – Sean Clancy Jr wins via ref stoppage round 1

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