The Irish Cannon

The Irish Cannon

The Emerald Isle has a reputation for producing some of Europe’s top prospects. In todDTay’s episode of Across The Pond, you will meet an Irishman whose dynamic finishing power makes him one of the country’s top prospects. A professional since September 2015 and representingĀ SBG Ireland, Dylan TukeĀ owns a 3-0 record consisting of two submissions and one knockout.

In his MMA debut at BAMMA 22 in Dublin, Tuke submittedĀ Adam CaffreyĀ via rear naked choke in the first round. Then he knocked outĀ Mark AndrewĀ in round one at BAMMA 24. Dylan returned to his submitting ways when he tapped outĀ Adam VentreĀ in the main event of Shinobi War 8 via rear naked choke in the second round. Ā Dylan Tuke is a fighter on the fast track. Be carefulĀ when tangling with this explosive fighter, or you will pay a heavy price!

List of Videos-

Tuke v Caffrey BAMMA 22-

2. Tuke v Andrew BAMMA 24-

3. Tuke v Ventre Shinobi War 8-

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