Scotland to Host Kickboxing World Championship

Scotland to Host Kickboxing World Championship

Scotland has been announced as the home for the Kickboxing World Championships (WKC) in 2020. Fresh off the back of the announcement of over 1,000 competitors jetting in to Aberdeen for the Aberdeen Open, Scotland has won the honour of hosting the world championships.


Malcolm Evans, President of Scotland’s Kickboxing Team (WKC Scotland) said, “To be bringing the World Championships to Scotland is a real honour. This event has been running for a number of years and regularly sees over 3,000 competitors plus spectators.
“These athletes from aged under 10 to 50+, jet in to the World Championships boosting the economy in whichever areas they visit through hotel bookings, food and drink and tourism.
“As a former competitor and World Medalist, I know the importance of competing in World Championships and to bring it to Scotland means so much and will see a record sized Scottish team competing for Gold on our home soil.
“Scotland regularly competes above its weight class in terms of numbers of champions, so I can only imagine the success we could possibly have in our home nation.These events are quite literally a breeding ground for future World Champions like Scotland’s own Dean Sutherland to name but one of our champions.”


Former First Minister Alex Salmond who recently lent his support to the Aberdeen Open tournament also praised the opportunity, “It would be tremendous for Scotland to host the upcoming World Championships to Scotland in 2020 and I am sure that plenty of home-grown representatives will be battling it out with the best.
“I wish all organisers, supporters and participants all the best and urge you to keep fighting the good fight in the name of Scottish Kickboxing.”

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