MMA UK Staff Picks for UFC 217

MMA UK Staff Picks for UFC 217

UFC returns to Madison Square Garden in New York for another historic event with a stacked card and 3 title fights for UFC 217. George St-Pierre returns after a 4 year lay off and is fighting against Michael Bisping for the middleweight title in the main event. Former Team Alpha Male teammates, now bitter rivals, Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw go head to head for the bantamweight title. Joanna Jędrzejczyk squares off against Rose Namjunas for the strawweight belt. MMA UK staff and presenters give their predictions for the 5 fights on the main card.

MMA UK Staff Predictions for UFC 217

Michael Bisping vs George St-Pierre

WinnerWins ByRound
Mark Baldwin Bisping Decision 5
Peter Irvine Bisping Decision 5
Christina Yates Bisping Decision 5
Lewis Smith GSP Decision 5
Peter Knox Bisping Decision 5
Frankie Anderson Bisping TKO/KO 3
Mick Kane Bisping TKO/KO 2
Tom Heffernan GSP TKO/KO 4
Luisa Morlano Bisping Decision 5
Nathan Connell Bisping Decision 5
Jim Reid Bisping TKO/KO 3
George Fisher-Wilson GSP Decision 5
Steve Brigg GSP Decision 5
Marcus Banks Bisping TKO/KO 2
Amyleigh Cavanagh Bisping TKO/KO 2


Cody Garbrandt vs TJ Dillashaw

WinnerWins ByRound
Mark Baldwin Garbrandt TKO/KO 3
Peter Irvine Garbrandt TKO/KO 4
Christina Yates Dillashaw TKO/KO 2
Lewis Smith Dillashaw Decision 5
Peter Knox Garbrandt Decision 5
Frankie Anderson Garbrandt TKO/KO 4
Mick Kane Garbrandt TKO/KO 1
Tom Heffernan Garbrandt Decision 5
Luisa Morlano Garbrandt TKO/KO 2
Nathan Connell Garbrandt TKO/KO 3
Jim Reid Garbrandt TKO/KO 1
George Fisher-Wilson Dillashaw TKO/KO 2
Steve Brigg Garbrandt TKO/KO 1
Marcus Banks Garbrandt TKO/KO 3
Amyleigh Cavanagh Garbrandt Decision 5


Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Rose Namajunas

WinnerWins ByRound
Mark Baldwin Jedrzejczyk TKO/KO 4
Peter Irvine Jedrzejczyk Decision 5
Christina Yates Jedrzejczyk Decision 5
Lewis Smith Jedrzejczyk TKO/KO 4
Peter Knox Jedrzejczyk Decision 5
Frankie Anderson Jedrzejczyk Decision 5
Mick Kane Jedrzejczyk TKO/KO 2
Tom Heffernan Jedrzejczyk TKO/KO 2
Luisa Morlano Jedrzejczyk Decision 5
Nathan Connell Jedrzejczyk TKO/KO 2
Jim Reid Jedrzejczyk TKO/KO 1
George Fisher-Wilson Jedrzejczyk Decision 5
Steve Brigg Jedrzejczyk Decision 5
Marcus Banks Jedrzejczyk Decision 5
Amyleigh Cavanagh Jedrzejczyk Decision 5


Stephen Thomson vs Jorge Masvidal

WinnerWins ByRound
Mark Baldwin Thomson Decision 3
Peter Irvine Thomson Decision 3
Christina Yates Thomson Submission 2
Lewis Smith Thomson TKO/KO 3
Peter Knox Thomson TKO/KO 3
Frankie Anderson Thomson Decision 3
Mick Kane Masvidal Submission 2
Tom Heffernan Thomson TKO/KO 1
Luisa Morlano Thomson TKO/KO 3
Nathan Connell Thomson Submission 3
Jim Reid Masvidal Decision 3
George Fisher-Wilson Thomson TKO/KO 1
Steve Brigg Masvidal TKO/KO 3
Marcus Banks Thomson Decision 3
Amyleigh CavanaghThomson Decision 3


Johny Hendricks vs Paulo Borrachinha

WinnerWins ByRound
Mark Baldwin Hendricks Decision 3
Peter Irvine Borrachinha TKO/KO 1
Christina Yates Hendricks Submission 3
Lewis Smith Hendricks TKO/KO 2
Peter Knox Borrachinha TKO/KO 3
Frankie Anderson Borrachinha TKO/KO 2
Mick Kane Hendricks Submission 3
Tom Heffernan Borrachinha Submission 3
Luisa Morlano Borrachinha TKO/KO 2
Nathan Connell Hendricks TKO/KO 3
Jim Reid Hendricks Decision 3
George Fisher-Wilson Borrachinha TKO/KO 1
Steve Brigg Borrachinha TKO/KO 1
Marcus Banks Borrachinha TKO/KO 1
Amyleigh Cavanagh Hendricks TKO/KO 1

What’s your predictions for the fights?

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