Karate Combat sign up top Scottish Karateka, Calum Robb talks to MMA UK

Karate Combat sign up top Scottish Karateka, Calum Robb talks to MMA UK

Karate Combat, have announced the signing of top Scottish Karateka, Calum ‘Braveheart’ Robb.

Robb, one of, if not the most decorated karate competitors to come out of Scotland will be a welcome addition to the exciting Karate Combat organisation.

Robb has won 18 Scottish Championships and 17 British championships in the heavyweight ‘All Styles’ format.

Robb has also been hugely successful in his own style of Wado-Kai, winning 20 European titles and 2 world titles.

Furthermore, some of his Karate achievements include Senior World and European Bronze medalist, Junior World Silver Medalist and Cadet European Champion.

Karate Combat is taking the format around the world, having already been to Miami and Athens. Karate Combat can be viewed in several ways, from UFC Fight Pass to karate.com to the Karate Combat App.

MMA UK recently spoke with Calum Robb about his recent move into Karate Combat.

MMA UK: What made you decide to make the move to Karate Combat?
CR: I retired from competitive karate last October, winning my 15th Individual European “Wado-Kai” Title in Sardinia, Italy, a winning end to my 25-year competitive¬†career. Since that time, I have been taking Kumite¬†(fighting) seminars up and down the country in order to give something back to the karate community as well as inspire the next generation of karate champions. However, this only partly filled the void now having fully retired from the national and international¬†competitive karate circuit. When I first heard/saw Karate Combat I was instantly attracted to the continuous full-contact format. Furthermore, I have recently started practitioning¬†Muay Thai, at the notorious¬†Hanuman Muay Thai gym in Edinburgh and I am eager to fuse my wealth of karate knowledge with my newly acquired¬†Muay Thai principles to produce a unique and formidable fighting style to unleash on my opponents in the Karate¬†Combat pit!
MMA UK: What are you expecting from competing in Karate Combat?
CR: I’m expecting a good old¬†fashioned¬†scrap but with a good element of tactics involved! If I had a pound for every time I was given a warning for excessive contact during my competitive karate career, I’d be a millionaire! So, whoever¬†I may fight, prepare to be hit, HARD. So for their sake, I hope they have a good chin!
MMA UK: Do you know when you are likely to make your debut?
CR: I can’t give you exact dates, however, it will most likely be before the end of this year, watch this space!¬†
MMA UK: You have won many karate tournaments, what would you say was your stand out win?
CR: For me, there are two stand-out achievements. 
The first was 10 years ago in Tokyo, Japan (2008) when I became the first Scottish karateka to medal at a Senior WKF World Championships in over 20 years (22 years to be exact), achieving a bronze medal. 
The second was in 2010 when I was the sole Scottish competitor competing at the World “Wado-Kai” Karate Championships in Nagoya, Japan. At this tournament, I successfully defended my World “Wado-Kai” Title. What made this trip even more special was that I travelled to Japan with my mother, who is my biggest fan but also my biggest critic. To win gold with my mother by my side is what dreams are made and these are memories that will remain with me vividly for the rest of my life.¬†
Undoubtedly one of the standout karate competitors to ever come out of Scotland, it will be interesting to see how Robb fares in Karate Combat.

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