Team Gustafsson speak out on Jon Jones latest positive drug test

Team Gustafsson speak out on Jon Jones latest positive drug test

Another day, another Jon Jones drug test controversy.

It was reported on Wednesday that Jon Jones had tested positive for trace amounts of Turinabol. A sample collected by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) on December 28th was found to contain 33 picograms of the drug which Jones had previously flagged for on multiple occasions in 2018.

This latest failing stems from a test taken on the day before Jones fought Alexander Gustafsson. Jones would go on to record an emphatic third round TKO victory over his long-time rival.

This latest test failure has certainly irked team Gustfasson, who have slammed the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) for essentially granting Jones a “use exemption on a strict liability violation.”

The statement released by Gustafsson’s manager Nima Safapour ultimately sums up the situation as an “absolute mess.”

Nima Safapor full statement

“The inconclusive and inconsistent results that are repeatedly occurring with Jon Jones, at the very least, should compel our industry to have a greater, deeper, and more impartial discussion about the legitimacy of Jon’s defence. Jon has gone out publicly boasting when some of his results come back negative. However, he remains silent when his test results come back positive. You can not have it both ways and cherry-pick the results that are favourable for you, and insist that we disregard the results that go against your interests.

“Jon has essentially received a use exemption on a strict liability violation. The science is not certain on the defence he has taken. Furthermore, science is always in a state of change. So the science we rely on today is different than the science we relied on from just a few years ago. It will probably change again going forward. Jones is also creating a precedent that will go beyond his personal interests in the sense that now other fighters will also seek use exemptions on a strict liability violation based on an issue that the science community is still divided on. It’s an absolute mess.”

The show goes go on

Despite this latest failing Jones is still expected to face Anthony Smith at UFC 235 in March.

A Nevada Athletic Commission hearing on January 29th will discuss this latest issue but seems to be a formality at this point. Jones will continue to fight despite being known to have Turinabol in his system.

Nima Safapor is right. This is an absolute mess!

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