Exclusive Shakan Pitters interview

Shakan Pitters was due to fight Craig Richards for the British title before lockdown put paid to that fight. Disappointment at missing out on what was his biggest fight to date, Pitters now has the opportunity to become British champion after it was announced he will face Chad Sugden on August 22nd.

The 30-year-old Birmingham light heavy talks to Planet Boxing about training, winning Ultimate Boxxer and what he has planned once boxing restarts.

Already back in training for the August showdown with Sugden, Pitters said, “Yeah still been able to train, back in the gym now so its all good but before all this was just doing my own training and running.”

Pitters gained some exposure when he took part in Ultimate Boxxer, when it was shown on BT Sports.

“Winning Ultimate Boxxer got me out there more based on my performance,” Pitters explains, “and of course with it being televised,100%, got me more viewers and fans, so it opened doors also.

“Fans want to be entertained and want to see Knockouts, so that sort of format allows fans to see that as the likeliness of a KO is high with that sort of format.”

Last time out, Pitters picked up the English light heavyweight title when he beat Doc Spelman by unanimous decision.

“It felt good to get my first ten solid rounds under my belt against a good fighter in Dec Spelman.” Pitters told me. “One I feel I definitely learned a lot from and will improve me as a fighter. I was happy with my performance, of course there is always things I feel I could have done better but nevertheless I was happy.”

Was Pitters disappointed at not being able to face Craig Richard’s? How does he feel about facing Sugden and fighting on Channel 5?

“To be honest, my career is not determined on fighting Craig or not,” said Pitters. “I’m still in line for the British title against a new opponent in Chad, and thats all that matters but of course, initially I was disappointed as if it wasn’t for the mess around with his team, I would have been British champion earlier. He is to my knowledge still mandatory so we will see if they wish to fight or not. But again my focus is to who is in front of me and not Craig at this time.

“Like everything in life, some form of adversity comes up every now and again, but to me the dream and mission remains the same. I think fans will be excited and viewing numbers will increase to boxing being back on Channel 5 with the long lay off.”

Reminiscing about what first attracted Pitters to boxing it turns out boxing runs in the family as Pitters explains, “My dad used to box professionally, and I grew up in a boxing family as my brothers all use to box also.

“Tommy Hearns as a fighter inspired me but watching boxing now there is countless amazing fights that actually inspire me from the old school to the new school. I like all boxers in all weights I generally don’t have any particular favourite but of course heavyweight boxing is always good to watch the big punchers.”

What can fans expect from Pitters for the rest of this year?

“British Title, Defend, Remain Undefeated.”

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