Cal Ellenor Vs James Gallagher Fight Review

Cal Ellenor Vs James Gallagher Fight Review

The fight that was over a year in the making finally came to reality with multiple setbacks such as Cal Ellanor having to retire very early into his fighting career when a brain scan that showed something wasn’t working right in Cal’s head, James Gallagher pulled out of Bellator Dublin bout due to a “back injury” then when all things were going to plan and their bout was booked for Bellator London COVID-19 (Coronavirus) put a halt to that fight. Ireland and England were both on lockdown and no sporting events couldn’t happen.

Until things got back to some sort of normal and Bellator was back in action their long-anticipated bout was booked for October 3rd 2020 fans and media members speculated as to if this fight was like Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov’s situation. Weeks and days went by and fans were anxious as to who was going to be “injured” or have to “pull out” of the fight.

Along came fight week and no signs of both fighters “pulling out” which was a comfort to fans as they were convinced everything was going to go well. Now to the weigh-ins both fighters came in and weighed in Ellanor (135.2)   Gallagher (136) both seemed very focused, relaxed and ready to fight on the spot.

To the fight night, we saw some masterclass fights on the prelims from start to finish. Now to the Main Event, we saw Cal walk out first kitted out in his fight gear and wearing his city colours (Sunderland) Red and White. Then we saw James Gallagher walkout draped in the Irish flag. Both got into the cage and showed each other respect by touching gloves before the fight which came as a shock to some fans as they didn’t particularly care about each other. We saw a back and forward fight on the feet from both men. Until Ellanor took the fight to the ground where Gallagher took advantage of this opportunity and out grappled Ellanor and eventually won by RNC 4 minutes and 31 seconds into round number 1.

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