Interview with UFC heavyweight Chris Barnett

Interview with UFC heavyweight Chris Barnett

Chris “BeastBoy” Barnett 21-7-0 is an American professional Mixed Martial Artist, currently competing in the heavyweight division of the UFC. A professional competitor since 2009, he has competed for Xtream Fighting Championship, World Cagefighting Championship, Island Fights, Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye, RIZIN FF, RJJ, Road FC, XFN and UAE Warriors.


I would like to start this off by thanking you for taking the time to talk to me today.


In the many organisations, you’ve gone to war in, what organisation or bout sticks in your mind the most? For me it was back in 2019 when you took on Emil Zahariev 22-6-1, making him verbally submit on April 11 at Inoki Genome Fight 3. Your ability as a heavyweight has shocked the division everywhere you’ve gone.


“Mine is probably the Road FC 55 fight, against Gun Oh Shim 5-4-0. I’m working on getting my mindset back to what it was back then because I had no cares or worries, I just wanted to have fun. It felt right. I was just training and being happy out there. When I’m having fun out there I’m damn near unbeatable. At some point, I lost that, I’ve been grinding and doing mental drills to get the full package. I really feel MMA is 80% mental, 10% physical and 10% cardio.”


No matter who you ask, anybody who’s anybody in the industry has heard of you. Your ability and the amazing finishing of your opponents. All this has led to you being brought in by the UFC. It surprised me that they didn’t pick you up sooner. How does it feel to be part of the biggest franchise in your profession?


“Man, it’s about time right lol, but no I love it. I’ve worked all those years and UFC was right not to sign me then, I was walking around at 340lb, that is what was killing me getting there, that and a couple of promoters I want to put on blast, that said I would never make it and tried to make sure.”


Your 1st appearance with the franchise did not go your way, have you had time to reflect on your bout with Ben Rothwell 39-13-0 at UFC Fight Night back in May?


“The first fight was with 8 days notice, not to make excuses (I accepted, so I should have been ready,) but fighting a legend like that in 8 days, stuff at home was going crazy, it was a lot to deal with lol, I’m not happy with the outcome, but it did out that battery in my back and I can’t wait till my next one. Honestly, I’d love to run it back, but I need to work my way back.”


The heavyweight division has got to be the toughest, if not the biggest in the industry. Everyone wants to see it. Your audition to the roster is a great sight to see. I always hoped I’d get to see more of you in the cage, who would your ideal opponent be next in the octagon?


“I will literally fight whoever the UFC offers me.”


Last but not so least, is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to?


“I’d like to thank Keystone Focus, Chill Caw-Fee Thicc boy fight club, Bitch Slap

FAT BOY Fight clothing and Fat ninja. A lot of fat and big lol.”

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