Anderson Silva KO’s Tito Ortiz in the 1st round

Anderson Silva KO’s Tito Ortiz in the 1st round

Anderson Silva continues his successful return to boxing as he knocks out former Light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz in 1:31 seconds of the first round, while not many were surprised by Silvas victory, many anticipated a bit of a longer fight.

The spider showed the precision and head movement that made him one of the fiercest strikers in the history of MMA. From a fan’s standpoint, the fight seemed lopsided from the start of the bout as Anderson showed head movement and composure of old. Granted Ortiz has never been known to be a boxer, Silva looked levels ahead in the fight. Ortiz winged heavy punches with little to no accuracy with no real agility or footwork.

It seemed like Anderson was playing the long game looking to tire out the much larger opponent who missed their agreed weight of 195 by 5 pounds, but when with 40 seconds left in the first round Oritz backed silva into a corner before the spider dropped a series of hooks that floored Ortiz. What comes next for Silva? perhaps a much-anticipated fight vs a Paul brother or possibly retirement.

One thing is for certain, Anderson has looked impressive in his last 2 fights where he also defeated former boxing champ Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. In the post-fight Anderson dedicated his victory for Wing Chung and Bruce Lee.

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