Frans Mlambo speaks ahead of his inclusion in the $100,000 tournament at Combate: Copa Combate, stand out bouts and recent victories for his teammates at SGB Ireland

Frans Mlambo speaks ahead of his inclusion in the $100,000 tournament at Combate: Copa Combate, stand out bouts and recent victories for his teammates at SGB Ireland

Frans “The Black Mamba” Mlambo 10-5-0 is a South African professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Bantamweight Division. Representing SBG Ireland. A professional competitor since 2015. He has competed for Bamma, Worldwide MMA Alliance Championship, Made 4 The Cage Fighting Championship, Brave Combat Federation, Bellator MMA, FEN and Combate Global.


I’d like to start this off by thanking you for taking the time to speak to me today Frans, how has fight camp been going in the build-up to your scheduled bout at Combate: Copa Combate?


“Yeah, the camp went all good, I actually feel the best I ever have. I can’t wait for Sunday, I feel amazing, my weight is all good, yeah we’re ready to go.”


December 12th, you travel to Florida to take on a well rounded FCC regular in Jose Zarauz in the main event at Copa Combate. Have you done anything in the way of research in regards to your opponent for the night?


“I haven’t really researched any of my opponents, it’s something I don’t do. I just work on my skills, try to prove what I have and just let them have to deal with me. Jose is only the first guy in the tournament and I could get any other random guy but I’m ready for whatever comes.”


Keeping active in the cage is the key to success within the world of Mixed Martial Arts, was this the main factor when receiving the call to be part of the bantamweight tournament in Medley?


“Yeah keeping active is always good but you know, a hundred g’s is a sweeter thing even lol. But I’m always looking for fights, I’m always looking to keep active. Hopefully, I’ll be as active as I’ve always wanted to be in 2022 because I’m still with FEN and now I’m with Combate Global. so I should be fighting as regularly as I’ve always wanted, that’s awesome.”


Your professional career has stretched across seven organisations, of late your wars within the Bellator cage most fight fans will have many fond memories of your talents. When looking back at your career, what bout stands out the most for you?


“Well the fight that stands out more to me is my fight against Ricky Bandejas. Not even stands out but bothers me than any other, I’m ten and five right now but that fight specifically bothers me the most. I actually have the opportunity to get that back because Ricky is a replacement fighter over here. He’s here, I’ve been talking to him and all, we’re all good but I still would like to get that fight back with him. We’ll see what happens.”


The bantamweight division at Bellator has such an explosive roster. James Gallagher, Raufeon Stots, Magomed Magomedov just to name a few. One of the leading organisations in MMA, Where you have a trio of victories from your 10 wins on the pr circuit. If you had the choice, who would be your preferred opponent?


“My preferred opponents from Bellator? Ever since I found out Pettis was in Bellator I’ve always wanted to fight him, even before he fought Ricky. That’d be a cool fight.”


Recent events at Bellator have exploded the Internet of late. Danni Neilan took herself to 5-0 in Dublin at Bellator270, Cris Cyborg yet again defending the Featherweight title at Bellator271. For me Danni Neilan’s bout stood out the most me, an undefeated fighter is always a joy to watch. What bouts across the Bellator events have caught your attention of late?


“Yeah, your right Danni is flipping amazing. She’s just always so game, such a warrior. I always enjoy watching her, the last Bellator I watched was obviously the Dublin one. A load of my guys doing good. By my guys, I mean the SGB guys, the two Italian guys doing amazing. Other than that I’ve obviously seen the clip of the bantamweight title fight, with Pettis getting the good win. But I couldn’t say I’ve tuned in too many times.”


Going back to the stacked card at Copa Combate, other than your inclusion on the night, are there any bouts in particular that you’re looking forward to witnessing and is there anybody you’re particularly looking forward to facing off against?


“Ricky isn’t in the tournament, but he will be fighting regardless. If somebody gets injured in the tournament, he will be a replacement for that so there still is a chance I’ll get to face him. It’s just my hope and it would be just an amazing story in general, say in the finals or something. It would be awesome, Ricky Bandejas is on my mind lol.”


Last but not least do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance on the night in Miami and anybody you’d like to shout out to?


“For the fans, if anybody has seen me, as you said, I’ve had a pretty exciting career and put on some fun performances. That was me not feeling as good as I feel now, not being as fit, not being as skilled. I’m just gonna let it all loose this time. I feel great and I’m definitely not trying to hang around, flipping fight the whole rounds but the thing is, this is MMA we’ll see what happens. My whole arsenal will be unleashed come Sunday, I would definitely recommend anyone to tune in because it’s going to be amazing, I’m definitely going to be putting on a show. Of course, I’d like to thank everybody that was involved with me getting here, not only the organisation. My management MTK, Marcello as well my manager. The SBG team, I trained as well at Angels Boxing Gym with Reg Burn so a big shout out to him. He basically designed my camp schedule, he has a lot of credit to take for how good I feel right now going into this. My coach John Kavanagh he’s here as well, he’s gonna be in my corner, it’s always great to have him around, the whole SBG team and last but not least my Girlfriend. I don’t think I’d be here without her. Definitely a big shout out to her, Emma fox she’s awesome.”

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