Kiru Singh Sahota speaks about his recent win at Caged Steel 27, bouncing back after a loss and his hunger for gold

Kiru Singh Sahota 6-1-0 is an Indian Professional  Mixed Martial Artist. A professional competitor since 2018, representing AVT Leeds. He has competed for Risk Fight League, Combat Challenge and Caged Steel MMA.


Before we begin, I’d like to start this off by thanking you for taking the time to speak to me today Kiru and also like to congratulate you on your resounding KO/TKO victory at Caged Steel 27.


Taking on a very well rounded fighter in Daniel Missin, you showed the fans at Doncaster just what you’re about. Destroying your opponent after 3 hard fought rounds must have been an amazing feeling. What was going through your mind that explosive night on December 4th?


“Aaron mate, thanks for reaching out. That night my main thought was to put on a show for the fans, until now I’ve never been in a boring fight, I always put on a show. To be honest I wouldn’t say it was too hard-fought. I was just taking my time, as I had no rush I knew I would get the finish.”


Bouncing back from your recent loss to Scott Malone back at Caged Steel 25 back in April must have made your performance all the more meaningful?


“Bouncing back from the Malone fight, yeah that fight I took on about a week’s notice because I believed I could have done what it took to beat him on the night even with the notice. But I did not do enough and Scott was the better man. However, if it was a 5 rounder like it should have been, the last min catchweight made it 3 rounds, even on the night I believe I would have had more to show with a 5 rounder. But we move on. This can only be used as motivation for this fight. As redemption for the L is great motivation.”


This being your fourth appearance for the Doncaster based organisation has made you one of the main talking points across the ever-growing fan base Caged Steel have been getting in recent years. Many,  including myself, are eagerly anticipating your return to the cage. What’s next for you, are you looking for a return fight in the not so distant future?


“I’ve been to a lot of the cage steel events, I do feel like there is an ever-growing fan base for myself not only with this promotion but just in general. with caged steel I do believe I bring a different flare to the show as apparent from the walkout, I’m not just doing it for myself, it’s also for the culture. And I think next fight, if on caged steel then I would look for a title fight but if on a different promotion then just a high profile fight.”


Other than your main card inclusion, are there any bouts that stood out for you on the night?


“On the night, My teammate Adam Bramhald‘s fight stood out, because it was a mad war. He rolled over his ankle and injured it early on in the first exchange. And his opponent came out all guns blazing after this injury. After a few exchanges both fighters landed In the pocket. Bramhald, the sharper getting a few knockdowns on his opponents he managed to get the win of an exchange that started with a flying knee, it was just a crazy fight and one of their fights that were just mad to see live.”


With a pretty much-unscathed record of 6-1-0 in your professional career, a title can’t be far from your thoughts. And with gold filling the gym at AVT Leeds like a dragon’s den, what would it mean to you to add your name to the ever-growing list of champions your gym has produced of late?


“Yeah mate, as I said previously I think a title fight isn’t far away, also for me getting the belt is like bringing the gold back for the ones that put in the time training me.”


Last but not least do you have a message for your fans reading this today and anybody you’d like to shout out to?


“Just a thank you to all that supported/wished me well everyone for coming down and spending their hard-earned cash on tickets/ buying the live stream. Also special shout out to Headstrong strength and conditioning and everyone at AVT.”

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