Luca Cumbo – “Expect a much different performance”

Luca Cumbo – “Expect a much different performance”

Luca Cumbo 1-1-0 is an English amateur Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Welterweight division, representing Backstreet Dojo. He has competed for Fightstar Championship and is due to take his second outing with London based organisation Ambition Fight Series on October 22nd.


I’d like to start things off by thanking you for taking the time to speak to me today Luca, and also to congratulate you on your upcoming inclusion to the Ambition Fight Series card.


“Thank you very much, I appreciate it, I can’t wait to get in there. It’s five weeks away now, when we got the call I was like oh damn, that’s quite soon. But we’ve been training hard, grafting as always, Grinding, and putting the work in as always in the areas we need to so I’m ready to go.”


Good to hear mate, it always makes you feel confident sharpening your tools in preparation for a call. As you said, abit close but you’re anticipating it.


“Yeah, we’re fighters so we have to be ready at all times. That’s why it’s important not to blow up too much past your weight after a fight. so if you do get a call lime we have, you’ve only got to shift a few pounds, nothing too extreme.”


I hope training has been going well in the build-up to your scheduled return to the cage?


“Yeah, I’ve spent more time around Jiu-jitsu since my last competition. It stuck out for me that maybe I didn’t spend enough time on the ground, so that’s what I’ve been doing, especially in the Gi. Competing in a few BJJ competitions has helped in the areas we need it to.”




Those comps really do keep you sharp as hell.


“They really do, especially some of the guys competing in them. These guys are proper Jiu-jitsu athletes, some of them ain’t just MMA fighters ita what they do for a living. You step in there with them and you’re like wow, these are big guys. It’s a good learning experience though.”


A vast experience indeed.




As you start to enter the stage for battle, what has been your main focus throughout your regime?


“I’ve taken a new approach to training, I’ve started learning Karate for my upcoming fight, for the discipline it gives you as well as the conditioning side of it also. I’ve been training in it for about a month or two now and it’s really gone well, in terms of visualising things when I’m sparring. I can’t wait to show it off in a fight, it’s a different approach that nothing else in a fight can really give you. Karate is quite hard-core, I didn’t quite realise that until I started training it.”


I know a few practitioners, it really does give you some discipline.


“It really does, sparing is all bare knuckle, you don’t wear shin pads or anything. It’s proper tough on the body but it’s good.”


Many big names on the MMA scene have grace the Ambition cage in their short history both professional and amateurs alike. The likes of Louie Sutherland, Josh O’Connor, Stefano Catacoli and Jonas Grace just to name a few. Previously fighting for Ambition yourself, you know exactly the high level athletes they attract.


What does it mean to you to once again be part of the Ambition Fight Series card?



“It’s an honour, my first time competing in MMA was with them back in February. It was an amazing experience, the way everything was set out, behind the scenes also. We had a large spacious area to relax and get warmed up, I’m looking forward to having that again. In my last MMA bout in Crystal Palace the environment backstage wasn’t the same and I feel like that had an impact on my performance and wasn’t able to get prepared as much as I would have liked to.”


Your past outings have proved that you’re set to take centre stage on the regional scenes top cards, your last outing being at Fightstar Championship 22.


As you look forward to your career goals, have you set any goals to bring your skill set across the many exceptional MMA shows across the country following Ambition?


“There’s two goals, I definitely want to start competing more world wide and. I was supposed to have fought in Liverpool in early August but I picked up an injury so I had to withdraw. That’s one thing I wanna do, fight more around the country to gain experience, Also some more BJJ competitions. I’ve started the Gi Jiu-jitsu so I can level up with that, and compete as much as possible to improve my overall game.”


As previously stated, we last saw you in action back in July at Fightstar Championship 22. I was lucky enough to have been in attendance that night at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, despite a valiant effort the night wasn’t yours. What did you take from your performance against Krystian Wojcik in the capital?


“It was an electric atmosphere, a big shout-out to my opponent Krystian who will also be fighting on the Ambition card. What I took from it was that I needed to improve my strength, my Jiu-jitsu wrestling also. That’s what I’ve gone away and done, the game-plan then was to purely box Krystian, obviously takedowns, spawls and scuff. Krystian’s strength overwhelmed me, this fight is going to be very different as I said, I’ve been putting in work in other areas, expect a much different performance this time around.”


It’s all a learning curve ain’t it really, it’s what you take away from the fight, win or lose that matters really.


“Kind of a blessing as well because it motivates me to get better at what I’m doing, gives me the extra edge.”




Looking forward, your opponent has recently been announced for Ambition’s 3rd card to date, you are set to take on New Wave Academy’s Antonio Carvalho. What do you make of Antonio in the build-up to your scheduled meeting?



“I’ve only really seen pictures of him, it’s hard to say really. He looks like a tough fighter, you got to be to be competing in MMA so I’m sure it’s gonna be a great fight. New Wave has a lot of great fighters so it’s gonna be an exciting one wherever it goes. I’m sure he’ll bring his A game and so will I, can’t wait.”


You’re second New Wave opponent this year  also. 


“It will be, I’m hoping to avenge that loss.”


Your bout is but one of the brutal night of Mixed Martial Arts Ambition have in store for the fight fans at the Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre on October 22nd. Other than your inclusion on the night, are there any particular combatants that have yet to have their bouts confirmed that you’re looking forward to witnessing?


“I suppose the only bout I’m really looking forward to is my previous opponent Krystian’s. It will be interesting to see how he matches up against someone else and how they deal with his wrestling skills. But as a whole, I’m looking forward to all the fights, the more you watch the more knowledge you gain.”




It’s been an absolute pleasure speaking with you today Luca and I look forward to witnessing you out there.


“Thank you man, I appreciate it.”


Last but not least do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“The message to the fans, expect it to be wild. My last two outings have given me a lot of experience so I’m going to put it all together out there. My new disciplines and mindset also and put on another good performance. I’d like to give a big shout-out to the Backstreet Dojo Hanworth Centre. Especially my sensei head coach Tony Newman, my BJJ coach Anthony Newman and my Karate coach Josh Newman.”


The matchmaking has only just begun, so be on the lookout for more additions to the card that is set to blow the roof off the Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre. Tickets are available through the fighters and also available via the Ambition Fight Series website here.


A night of MMA and K1 action.

Also featuring the Train Alta (formerly Wimp2Warrior) London Finale.

Also available via PPV with Fight ticket for only £9.99 here.

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