Spotlight On: Surging Latvian Aleksandr Chizov

Spotlight On: Surging Latvian Aleksandr Chizov

Welterweight Champion of Ukrainian promotion World Warriors Fighting Championships.

Lightweight Champion of Latvian promotion LNK.

Aleksandr Chizov is a remarkable talent; one deserving of greater attention.

The 24-year-old boasts an impressive 10-1 professional record consisting of nine victories via stoppage (6 KO/TKO, 3 submission), six of which were within the first-round.

In fact, the Latvian currently rides an impressive seven-fight win-streak that began two days prior to his 20th birthday, in 2017. Six of those opponents held winning records.

Yet all that success owes it’s origins to a movie.

Prior to his most recent bout at PFL 9: 2022 Playoffs, the young Latvian revealed he was initially a footballer, but felt inspired to pursue boxing after watching Rocky with his Father; he would later become a National Boxing Champion.

Chizov’s boxing background has certainly produced an incredible striking finesse, one that sparks explosive moments from almost nowhere.

During Chizov’s WWFC Welterweight Championship winning bout, it was a monstrous left hook that dropped his opponent Vitaliy Stoyan, ending the contest immediately.

That same left hook floored Chizov’s Lithuanian opponent Mantas Juozeliunas at King of Kings 52, which set into motion a ferocious TKO stoppage.

Chizov, however, is not just a striker. The Latvian is remarkably well-rounded, having demonstrated a skilled ground game. For example, at King of Kings 61, Chizov displayed excellent confidence on the ground against Oleg Yakushev, dominating the Ukrainian for the majority of their bout.

Furthermore, his recent rear-naked choke submission of Omar Hussein at PFL 9: 2022 Playoffs in London earned him his Jiu-Jitsu purple belt.

When considering the achievements of Aleksandr Chizov, his youth adds further intrigue. You can’t help but feel that Chizov is only just getting started. Factoring his continued development as a well-rounded athlete, it’s hard not to believe big things await.

Make sure to keep an eye on this talent.

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For those interested, you can watch the aforementioned Aleksandr Chizov vs Vitaliy Stoyan bout in full below; video courtesy of WWFC – World Warriors Fighting Championships via YouTube.

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