UFC São Paulo Best Bets – Go with The Goose – BIG NIGHT AHEAD IN BRAZIL!

The anticipation is at its peak as fight fans from around the globe eagerly await the electrifying showdowns set to take place at the highly-anticipated UFC Fight Night event tonight. Located in the beautiful & vibrant city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Octagon will be graced by the presence of some of the most formidable mixed martial artists in the world. And as always, a bucket load of them will hail from Brazil.

Anyhow, let’s get down to business ya filthy animals! See what I did there? So tonight I’ve got the usual best bets for the card, and we kick it off with the main card opener.

MARC DIAKIESE V KAUE FERNANDESTake Diakiese to win @ 1/2, -200 US.

Now in this one it’s not a case of me loving Diakiese, it’s the fact that if Fernandes can’t get Diakiese out inside the first round, he’s quite literally done for. Fernandes carries legit power in his hands, but his gas tank is one that resembles that of an electric car. He doesn’t have one. Diakiese is quite elusive on the feet and his wrestling is much improved. That will be more than enough to get him out of the 1st. Then he takes over. I’d even have a long-shot punt on Diakiese by stoppage in the 3rd @ 14/1, +1400 US.

Next up…..

RODRIGO NASCIMENTO V DON’TALE MAYESTake Nascimento to win @ 1/2, -200 US.

I genuinely think when they made this fight they had a serious case of amnesia. Because it’s been done before, and it’s not like anyone’s clamoring to see it again. I won’t bore you with the details of what the first fight was like (IT SUCKED), and Nascimento won via RNC in the 2nd round. Now if Mayes had improved hugely I could see an argument for this playing out a little differently. But he hasn’t. Now obviously the outright win market here is the safe bet. BUT! If you’re me and you love a good price, I will be hammering the Nascimento via SUB @ 11/5, +225 US. I’d even sprinkle on the Nascimento via SUB in RD2 again at 8/1, +800 US. This one for me is free money. But always gamble responsibly.

Last but not least…..

JAILTON ALMEIDA V DERRICK LEWIS Take Almeida to win via SUBMISSION @ 4/5, -125 US.

I love Derrick Lewis and I would love to see him come straight out of his jail cell, rock up and KO the number 9 ranked Heavyweight in the world, in his own backyard. But the problem is, Jailton Almeida is a future HW Champ in the making. I can’t speak highly enough of this kid. He’s got it all. OK, his stand-up needs a little work, but you can get by without elite striking when your wrestling/ground game is absolutely off the charts! This guy just gets you down and keeps you there. Then it’s just a simple question does he finish you with ground and pound? Or take your back and choke you the F out! Plus he does all this whilst being one of the lightest Heavyweights in the division. I’ll be taking him to finish Lewis in round 2 @ 16/5, +320 US.

Oh, and it’s odds on that the fans in Brazil pelt rubbish, beer, and anything else they can at a winning fighter who beats 1 of the boys/girls from Brazil!

Enjoy the show!

Goose out!


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