With a seemingly inevitable fight between Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones, two of the most decorated fighters in MMA history, we need to examine their strengths, weaknesses, and how their styles might match up in the octagon and who will potentially get the victory in this highly anticipated clash for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

Jon Jones


  1. Striking Versatility: Jones has a diverse striking arsenal, including elbows, knees, kicks, and punches. His creativity in striking can catch opponents off guard.
  2. Reach and Range Management: With an 84.5-inch reach, Jones excels at keeping opponents at a distance where he can strike effectively while avoiding damage.
  3. Fight IQ: Jones is known for his high fight IQ, ability to adapt mid-fight, and implement strategies that exploit his opponents’ weaknesses.
  4. Wrestling and Grappling: Jones has strong wrestling credentials, with excellent takedowns and ground control. He can dominate opponents on the ground with his top control and ground-and-pound.
  5. Cardio: Jones has shown exceptional cardio, maintaining a high pace and effectiveness throughout five-round fights.


  1. Defense to Leg Kicks: Jones has shown vulnerability to leg kicks in his career.
  2. Offensive Boxing: While Jones is an excellent striker, his traditional boxing isn’t as strong as some of his other striking techniques which may be to his detriment as it is an area Stipe is highly proficient in.

Stipe Miocic


  1. Boxing: Miocic is an accomplished boxer with powerful and precise striking. He uses his hands effectively to deliver knockout blows.
  2. Wrestling: Miocic has a strong wrestling background, allowing him to take opponents down and control them on the mat.
  3. Durability: Miocic has shown the ability to absorb significant damage and continue fighting effectively.
  4. Fight IQ: Like Jones, Miocic is intelligent in the cage, making strategic adjustments during the fight.
  5. Power: Miocic has significant knockout power, capable of finishing fights with a single punch.


  1. Speed: Miocic may not be as quick as Jones, which could be a factor in exchanges and in avoiding strikes.
  2. Chin: While durable, Miocic has been knocked out before, notably vs Francis Ngannou. Showing that his chin, while strong, can be compromised by powerful strikes.

Fight Breakdown

  1. Striking Battle: On the feet, Jones’ versatility and reach give him an edge in striking. He can use his length to keep Miocic at bay with kicks and long punches. However, Miocic’s boxing skills and power can be dangerous if he closes the distance.
  2. Clinch and Grappling: Jon Jones excels in the clinch with his use of elbows and knees. His wrestling is also top-notch, making it difficult for opponents to take him down or control him on the ground. Miocic, with his wrestling background, might attempt to take Jones down, but this will be challenging against Jones’ strong defensive wrestling.
  3. Distance and Pace: Jones will likely try to maintain distance, using his reach to strike from range, especially with his infamous oblique kick. Miocic needs to find a way to close the distance without taking too much damage. Jones’ cardio allows him to keep a high pace, which could be a factor in later rounds.
  4. Cardio and Durability: Both fighters have shown good cardio, but Jones might have a slight edge due to his ability to maintain a high pace throughout the fight. Miocic’s durability is well-known, but he needs to avoid taking too many clean shots from Jones.

Path to Victory

Jon Jones:

  • Utilize his reach to keep Miocic at a distance and pepper him with a variety of strikes.
  • Use his wrestling defensively to prevent Miocic from taking him down and offensively to counter Stipe’s potential attempts to close the distance and enable his vicious ground and pound in addition to his submissions from top control such as the guillotine and kimura.
  • Mix up his attacks to keep Miocic guessing and avoid prolonged boxing exchanges where Miocic excels.

Stipe Miocic:

  • Close the distance to nullify Jones’ reach advantage and engage in boxing exchanges where he can land his powerful punches.
  • Use his wrestling to take Jones down and control him on the ground if possible.
  • Avoid Jones’ wrestling and takedowns in order to avoid devastating ground and pound as well as submissions.
  • Apply pressure and look for openings to land his knockout power shots.


This fight would be a compelling clash between Jones’ versatility and reach against Miocic’s powerful boxing and wrestling. Jones’ success would hinge on his ability to maintain distance, utilize his diverse striking, and wrestling to his advantage. Miocic’s path to victory would involve closing the distance, applying pressure, using his boxing and defending Jones’ takedowns. The fight could be highly competitive, with the outcome largely dependent on who can impose their game plan more effectively. However, the edge is with Jon Jones due to him being an overall more well-rounded fighter in addition to having more options to win due to his superior wrestling and grappling pedigree which could likely see him controlling and dominating Stipe on the ground.





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