Interview Instructions

Step 1 – Visit and press ‘Log In’

Step 2 – Enter as the email. Message Frankie or Peter to get your login code.

Step 3 – To schedule an interview, press ‘Create a Broadcast’

Step 4 -If you are doing your interview live, press the MMA UK logo with the Youtube icon. Enter a title, description and tick the ‘Schedule for Later’ box. Enter the time and date you have arranged the interview for.

The title should be in the format:

Fighter Name | Promotion or Gym | MMA UK

So it should look like this – Conor McGregor | UFC | MMA UK

Include as much details as you can in the description like and should start like:

[fighters name] speaks live to MMA UK’s [your name] about……

Step 5 – for pre-recorded press ‘Skip, record only’

You will only need to enter a title.

Step 6 – Once that is set up you will return to the dashboard. Press ‘Enter Broadcast Studio’


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