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Liverpool Titan – Interview with Cage Warriors fighter Shawn Kenny

On February 24, Cage Warriors will kick off their 2018 campaign with Cage Warriors 90. In today’s episode of Across The Pond, you will meet a towering giant looking to catapult himself in the mix for Cage Warriors Heavyweight division prospects. A professional since April 2016 and representing Next Generation Liverpool under head coach Paul Rimmer, Shawn Kenny owns a 3-0 record consisting of two submissions and one knockout.

In his MMA debut at ICE FC 13, Shawn defeated Adrian Rusev. Then he submitted Darren Moore in the first round via arm triangle choke at ICE FC 14. In his Cage Warriors debut at Cage Warriors 82 in Liverpool, Shawn faced Ireland’s Cian Erraught and defeated him via TKO in the second round. At Cage Warriors 90 on February 24 Shawn will look to make it four for four when he battles Ruben Wolf in a Heavyweight battle. Good luck Shawn!

Interview with Shawn done by Mick Kane of MMA UK-

MMAUK: You last fought at Cage Warriors 82 in April of last year. You defeated Cian Erraught by TKO in second round. Did the fight play out as you expected?

SK: The outcome of the fight is what I expected but I was slightly surprised that I was chasing the man down for the entire fight, especially after watching some of his previous bouts. Tough durable opponent who took a lot of heavy shots, biggest thing that surprised me was breaking my hand within the first few minutes off the fight. People say when you fight you don’t feel any pain? haha don’t know what they’re doing differently but I feel everything and I see when I lay my hands on my opponents they do too.

MMAUK: You have a mix of submission wins and KO wins so you would appear to have a well rounded game. Do you have a preference when you fight? Stand up, grappling?

SK: I’m pretty decent all around, but as a fight fan I try and think what do the the fight fans want to see and try to deliver that in the actual fights. Got some nice KOs and few submissions, so as long as it entertains the crowd, that’s all good.

MMAUK: Has there been a reason you have not fought since April?

SK: As per the fight game and the risks that go with it, silly little injuries are commonplace and unfortunately I was deemed luckily enough to be treated to a few this past year. It’s one of the worst things having something stop you from doing what you love but I always try to look for the positives in any situation and learn a lesson.

MMAUK: You are due to meet Ruben Wolf at Cage Warriors 90 in your home city of Liverpool. What do you know of your opponent and how do you see it going?

SK: Another massive show at the Echo Arena Liverpool under the Cage Warriors banner what’s not to get excited for. Place is going to be packed out once again with six thousand plus scousers supporting the fights. Got the likes of the Champ Lee Chadwick defending his belt, the new champ Molly Meatball about to show the world what she can do and even got Paddy the Baddy back too. The whole card is stacked from top to bottom with legit fighters. Got a lot of respect for my opponent as I do for everyone I fight. The man in the arena is a man who deserves respect. Seen him have two wars with James Mulheron who was the British number one before signing with the UFC and his other fight with another top UK heavyweight and the now BAMMA Heavyweight champ Brett McDermott, real warriors and tough opponents.

MMAUK: How good will it be to fight in front of your own crowd?

SK: As above it’s going to be another beast of a night in the city which will further cement the known fact Scousers make the best fighters and having the crowd behind each fighter in the Echo Arena just makes it even more special.

MMAUK: Several of your team mates will also be fighting in a card that has a host of Scousers on it. Should make it a special night for you all?

SK: Next Generation fighters doing what we do best and that’s going out there and getting the finishes.

MMAUK: How did you become involved in MMA?

SK: I’ve always been involved with sports and fitness and boxed a little when I was younger, joined the Marines at 16 years old and ended up leaving six months later (best worst/worst decision I’ve made as being diagnosed with Asperger’s later in life barred me from re-entry) Bodybuilding at Nabba then went into Professional Strongman, being the strongest in the North West and competing in the UKs, coming 5th, finally got too many injuries and decided what better way to spend my time than to start training MMA after seeing some of the best fights ever in the Pride era.

MMAUK: What do you hope to achieve within the sport?

SK: My main goal is to replicate what I can do in the gym on the grand stage i.e. In the octagon and most of all entertain the crowd. It’s pretty much the most primal thing a man can do, stand toe to toe and beat the shit out of each other and see which one is the last man standing.

“There is no greater fame for a man than that which he wins with his footwork or the skill of his hands.” Homer, The Odyssey

Kenny v Moore ICE FC 14

Shawn’s MMA debut at ICE FC 13


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