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UFC back to Glasgow in July?

It will be two years, come July, since the UFC visited Glasgow, when UFC Fight Night 113 was staged at the SSE Hydro.

The night turned out to be a disappointment for three of the four Scots involved as Stevie Ray, Paul Craig and Joanne Calderwood all fell to defeats. Danny Henry however made his UFC debut and won a fight of the night against Daniel Teymur.

Two years previous, almost to the day, the UFC came to Glasgow and Scotland for the first time. This was an electrifying night for the Scots involved as all won, Stevie Ray, Joanne Calderwood and Robert Whiteford. Ray and Whiteford winning by stoppage in the first rounds. This event was voted best atmosphere of the year by Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour.

So could the UFC be returning to the city another two years later. Both of the previous events took place on the local Glasgow Fair holiday weekend, which this year would fall on the 13th/14th of July. Both dates have nothing booked as yet on the SSE Hydro website.

Last night Welsh UFC star Brett Johns told MMA UK’s Lewis Smith that he had heard a rumour that the UFC were coming to Glasgow in June or July.

John’s who made his second UFC debut on the Glasgow show back in 2017 and said he is aiming to return from injury and would like to fight on a potential Glasgow card, a place he loves fighting and enjoys the atmosphere the Glasgow crowd create.

One Scottish fighter who would relish the chance of a Glasgow card and a possible sign up to the UFC is the current Cage Warriors Welterweight champion Ross Houston who has been campaigning on social media for the UFC to sign him, a move which would be more likely if they had plans to visit Glasgow.

With four Scots currently signed for the UFC a return to Glasgow would make sense and every time the UFC has come to Scotland it has helped advance the sport.

UFC ‘It’s time’ for a return to Glasgow!



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  • Craig Goodall
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    17/02/2019 at 3:56 pm

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    17/02/2019 at 3:55 pm

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