MMA UK Interview: UCMMA Heavyweight Champion Paul ‘The Titan’ Taylor

Today we we’re lucky to speak to Paul ‘The Titan’ Taylor UCMMA Heavyweight champion. Paul recently fought in an exhibition match with street legend Barrington ‘One Eyed Baz’ Patterson. Paul has a 6-3 pro record and even fought respected Veteran Jeff Monson for this 3rd professional fight.
Paul has all of his 6 wins by knockout and in the first round and his last win came in less than a minute. Paul has his title on the line against Tomasz Czerwinski at UCMMA 40 September 06 2013 at the Troxy in London.

We’re very thankful to Paul for taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak to us and give us a bit more information about this toughened heavyweight English warrior.

(On a side note, this is UCMMA and Sprawl’N’Brawl veteran Paul ‘The Titan’ Taylor, not Paul ‘Relentless’ Taylor the lightweight from Walsall)

GS – Firstly thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak to us Paul. Please tell us where do you come from? where do you train geographically and what team do you fight out of?

PT -I come from Solihull, Birmingham and I train with Team sure Grip (TSG) based in south end on sea.

GS – how did you first get into MMA? and how long have you been involved in the Sport now?

PT -I have been involved with MMA for just over 5 years, started out I was working as a door supervisor and the lad I was working with loved MMA and anything to do with fighting, I used to always tell him it’s a load of rubbish it would never work etc Then one night we got into a big fight and I seen him in action and I was like I have to learn this, I told a neighbour I was getting into MMA and he gave me Ian Freemans book. I read it and I thought I’d like to try this out. I went to train with Robbo Roberts and the rest is history. I loved it!

GS -What did your family think of you becoming a professional mixed martial artist in the beginning?

PT -Like I said it was a doorman and earning great money on a 7 night a week venue…so when I came home and said I want to be a fighter everyone was very sceptical saying your 28 years old! Your a 22 stone fat lard lol you’ve never done anything before like this! Get back on your door! It was very hard convincing my partner that it was a good move.Infact looking back it must have seemed madness. I cut my hours down and eventually left to persue this full time!

GS -Who is your biggest supporter?

PT- My dad..He was against it at first but he’s come round now. My kids and my partner Katie are also behind me massively.

GS – Who inspires you when you fight, what is the image or person that motivates you the most?

PT – In the beginning after reading ian Freemans book he was and is a massive inspiration to me as he also started late like me and he made me believe I could do it! Fedor is another one who I loved to watch and gained strength from.

GS – Did you have any fights as an amateur? If so what was your record?

PT – I only had one semi pro fight which I won Tko 1st round

GS -What is your martial arts background?

PT – Nothing I never done anything before the age of 28 I was a total novice. Not got any back ground.

GS – What is your favourite technique to watch out for? (Faber Guillotine, Maldonado body punches)

PT – I like to punch, wrestling is another favoured technique I like to use.

GS – Where do you see yourself as a fighter in 5 years?

PT – Ive just turned 34 so In 5 years I want to have achieved all I can achieve in this, I think there is no room in MMA for 40s etc it’s a young mans sport but having said that look at Randy and Freeman, and many others that are in their 40s.

GS – Where do you see the UCMMA as a promotion in 5 years?

PT – UCMMA are a great promotion, I can see it still going strong and relevant in the uk scene. Dave O is a great Promotor..Love or hate him he’s helped massively get MMA noticed in the uk and has helped get many talented fighters signed. I love Mr O he’s ace.

GS – What did winning the UCMMA Belt mean to you?

PT – The way I got the belt was not the way I wanted to win it, Tomasz fight when I defend it I will feel more worthy of it.

GS – As current champion of the UCMMA title what would be your next goal?

PT – Anything! I’m on a roller coaster ride and I will stay on it until I can do this at a good level. UFC, Bellator, fighting on a global scale is my next goal.

GS – What victory in your career meant the most to you and why?

PT – All of them because all of them was worked for and sacrificed for and I’m happy I came out on top every time I win.

GS – Is there anything that you would like to say to your friends, fans and fam

PT – A massive thankyou to you all of you I love my support it’s getting bigger nowadays I’m so blessed. Thankyou and thankyou to yourself for the interview.

We wish Paul all the best in defending his title, we know he has been training hard and working hard. We can guarantee it’s going to be a great fight!

Visit the ‘Titan’ at his Facebook fan page and give him a like and follow his journey!! The next few years promise to be very exciting for Paul. I can genuinely say for a big scary English warrior, he’s a lovely guy and really popular and well liked with good reason. He deserves your support.

paultaylor 2

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