Bisping On Silva, Diaz And C B Dollaway


Michael Bisping has been very vocal throughout his career on the topic of PED users and PED abuse. He has lost to four men who have used PEDs or had issues with drug tests.

He lost to Dan Henderson, who was legally on PEDs. He lost to Wanderlei Silva, who literally ran from a PED test, and is now permanently suspended. He lost to Chael Sonnen, who was legally on PEDs kinda semi sort of and is now suspended for two years and retired. He lost to Vitor Belfort who was on PEDs legally, sort of.

Now one of his heroes Anderson Silva has now failed a test.

“The more I thought about it, the more I thought ‘hold on a minute, this doesn’t surprise me at all,”” said Bisping. “I’m just so bloody naive, I really am. I just assume that everyone’s out there doing it the old-fashioned way. Doing it the way that I do it. And the more that it comes out, the more that I realize people don’t.

“People are looking for short cuts. People are looking to cheat. And that’s what they’re doing.

“And Anderson, I believe that’s the first time he’s been tested out of competition, a random drug test. So who’s to say he hasn’t been doing this his entire career? Of course that’s the question that’s always going to be asked. His legacy is ruined. Chris Weidman really did a number on that kid, my word.”

“It’s a sad day for mixed martial arts though. Sad day for the UFC. Sad day for the fans.”

Bisping also talks about fighting Nick Diaz after he faces C B Dollaway.

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