The Best Of The UFC189 Breakdowns


UFC189 is an intriguing style match up and the best minds in fight sports are getting extremely excited.  If you are biting your nails desperately trying kill time between now and tomorrow evening. Work your way through this lot.

Inside the Octogon with Gooden and Hardy 


Fight Network: Robin breaks down Mystic Mac


Jack Slacks Fightland Preview

Jack Slack loves McGregor, and thinks (rightly IMO) he is the one of the most exciting and creative strikers in the UFC. But even if you are not totally sold on Mcgregor this is a really interesting and detailed breakdown.

BJJ Scout

This is my favourite breakdown, I challenge you to watch this and not spend the fight trying to work out who has the dominant lead foot.


Heavy Hands podcast

Rebusch and Winman love to get into the detail. While both are admirers of McGregor, their analysis leads them to pick Mendes.

MMAMANIA Breakdown

Legendary Tristar trainer FIRAS ZAHABI breaks down the fight for MMA Junkie

Severe MMA

I like these guys over at severe mma. They have been following the rise of the Straight Blast Gym fighters from before they made the UFC and they have some insights into their training and history you don’t find elsewhere.

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