BAMMA 25: Cameron Else: “I want to go out and make a statement… I believe I will beat Ed in one round “

B25_Arthur vs Else_WEB-2

In what is one of the most highly anticipated match up’s on BAMMA 25 Ed Arthur and Cameron Else are finally set to collide on May 14th at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham.

We caught up with Cameron Else (3-2-0) at Jackson Wink MMA to discuss the bad blood with the Former Bantamweight Champ “I’ve wanted to fight Ed for a long time… Your days are numbered, come May 14th his times up”.

Else, who has wanted this fight for a while believes Ed Arthur (6-1-0) has chosen to fight him as he thinks it’s the easiest fight “He’s definitely overlooking me and he will be a fool to” When asked how he thinks the fight will go down Else commented “I expect a fast pace and I believe I will finish Ed in one round”.

Else, stated his interest in moving down to the Flyweight division after commenting he doesn’t cut weight for Bantamweight “I was speaking to the coaches out here and Flyweight is definitely somewhere that they believe I can get to comfortably”

When asked about his thoughts on a possible future match up with the Flyweight Champ Rany Saadeh, Else commented “I would love that fight, I think it would be a good match up I think stylistically it would be a very big challenge for him… I want to get Ed out of the way and then decide what I’m going to do”

Article by Jade Morris



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