Tanko 3: Results

Tanko 3 takes place in Victoria wharehouse for the 3rd installement of Manchester premier MMA event. With an amateur and Pro card both stacked with talent.  Tanko 3 also brings the European debut of “Felony” Charles Bennett, a veteran of over 60 MMA fights. 

Live Results below:

Professional Card

Lawrence Fitzpatrick(4-0) vs Charles Bennett(30-30-2)

Lawrence Fitzpatrick Def. Charles Bennett via Submission (Rear Naked Choke), 4.32 of round 1

Alex Minogue(8-6) vs Mitchell Richards(1-0)


Adam Proctor(5-1) vs Ant Davies(2-8)

Adam Proctor Def. Ant Davies via Submission (Rear Naked Choke), 1.00 of round 3

Tim Barnett(2-0) vs Onur Caglar(3-1)

Tim Barnett Def. Onur Calgary via TKO (punches), 43 sec of round 1

James Duckett(2-1) vs Daniel Cassell(2-1)

James Duckett Def. Daniel Cassell via TKO (kick), 1.59 of round 1

Jack Cartwright(0-0) vs Kane Goldup (0-0)

Jack Cartwright Def. Kane Goldup via TKO (punches), 36 sec of round 1

GaZ Corran(0-0) vs Seattle Best(0-0)

Gaz Corran  Def. Seattle Best via TKO (punches), 1.07 of round 1

Dave Graham(3-1) vs Adam Wright(1-2)

Dave Graham Def. Adam Wright via TKO (punches), 4.29 of round 1

Lerone Murphy(1-0) vs Tyler Thomas(0-0)

Lerone Murphy Def. Tyler Thomas via TKO (punches), 1.55 of round 1

Conor Riordan(0-1) vs Ashley Gibson(2-4)

Conor Riordan Def. Ashley Gibson via submission (Armbar), 1.55 of Round 1

Amateur Card

Muhammed Mokaev(4-0) vs Liam Gittins(6-1)

Muhammad Mokaev Def. Liam Gittins via Unanimous Decision becomes Tanko Flyweight Champion

Abdul Choudhury(5-1) vs Khalid Patel (2-1)

Abdul Choudhury Def. Khalid Patel via Unanimous Decision

Lawrence James(4-0) vs Dan Hunter (2-3)

Lawrence James Def. Kamil Grawilski via TKO (punches), 2.49 of round 1

Julio Calcina(1-3) vs Vacilio Barbosa(2-0)

Vacilio Barbosa Def. Julio Calcina via Split Decision

Jack Salt(0-0) vs Jamie Kelly(0-0)

Jamie Kelly Def. Jack Salt via Unanimous Decision

Ryan Robinson(3-1) vs Dagui Veloso(0-0)

Josh Roberts(4-2) vs Tommy Coyle(2-0)

Josh Roberts Def. Tommy Coyle via submission (Rear naked Choke), 2.08 of Round 1

Josh Kennedy(0-0) vs Jay Nelson(0-0)

Josh Kennedy Def. Jay Nelson via submission (Rear naked Choke), 55sec of Round 2


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