Carl ‘The Bomber’ Booth speaks to MMA UK

Carl ‘The Bomber’ Booth speaks to MMA UK

Fresh from his second Brave C.F win Carl ‘The Bomber’ Booth speaks to MMA UK about Brave and his hopes for the future.

The Nottingham based welterweight is on a 7 fight win streak and has a record of 8-1.

MMAUK: You recently fought and won at Brave C.F. 5 in India, 

What was it like to fight in India?

CB: Fighting in India was an awesome experience, it was nice to be main event on a big show like BRAVE it made me feel like I was doing what I love, was also great to go see a different culture and lifestyles, plus to see that the sport of MMA was growing there was also nice.

MMA UK: You have fought for a number of promotions, Cage Warriors, Budo, Brave amongst others, are there huge differences for fighters when moving between different promotions?

CB: The main difference for me would be when I fight repeatedly on the same show you get to know the staff at the show so you feel a lot more comfortable. That said fighting on different promotions big small home and away has been a good experience all round. Fighting different style opponents in various venues and in front of new fans has been awesome.

MMA UK: Would Brave C.F. be the biggest promotion you have fought for?

CB: BRAVE C.F is growing at a scary fast rate I think the shows already got the attention of the MMA world. Production is great and the fights are well matched it won’t be long before it’s filling stadiums across the world.

MMA UK: Are you looking for a title shot?

CB: Yes I’m definitely looking at that tile shot. The shiny gold BRAVE belt would look lovely wrapped around my waist.

MMA UK: You fight out of Nottingham MMA are there any up and coming fighters we should keep an eye out for?

CB: My gym is full of killers, the lads there work hard and are developing into good all-rounders. The wins the gym gets speaks for itself.

I don’t wanna mention any names because they’ll just get big heads!

MMA UK: Paul Daley and Dan Hardy are 2 of the most famous fighters to have emerged from Nottingham, have you ever had a chance to train with them? Do you feel you can emulate their success?

CB: Yeah I used to spar with Dan and Paul back when The Roughhouse was in its element. There was a lot of talent in the gym around that time. It was good to see all that they both achieved in MMA and yeah I feel like I’m more than capable of following that path of success and more! By smashing my way through the welterweight division.

MMA UK: What are your aims within the sport?

CB: My goals after I win the BRAVE welterweight title are to sign to the UFC, I wanna start taking out named opponents and blast my way to UFC gold.


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