JoJo Calderwood vs Calvillo & Gunnar Nelson Main Event Announced for UFC Glasgow

As UFC Glasgow approaches, fights have been coming out little by little, each time met with cries of, “JoJo needs to be on the card”. Today that’s a reality.

The UFC has announced the next two fights for UFC Glasgow with a possible co-main of JoJo Calderwood (11-2) vs Cynthia Calvillo (5-0). The main event is Gunnar Nelson (16-2-2) vs Santiago Ponzinibbio (24-3)

Calderwood is coming back from her last fight against Jessica Andrade last year which she lost by Guillotine Choke in the very first round. Calvillo’s last fight seen her win by rear naked choke against Pearl Gonzalez in the third round. Critics may wonder why Calderwood, who was hotly tipped to be in sight of a title fight is fighting someone who has had only two fights in the UFC. However, it’s not something that Calderwood will want to let fester in her mind.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Calderwood said, “I’m very excited. Now this fight is confirmed, I’m really champing at the bit. I know she is a great well rounded fighter, she brings it and it’s going to make an exciting fight. “I’m going in there to bring my best game. Let’s see what she brings to the chess table though. I’ll beat any attempts she throws at me and make sure she doesn’t take the W from me.”

The main event of the evening will be friend of Conor McGregor, Renzo Gracie Blackbelt and Icelandic star, Gunnar Nelson (16-2-1) who will be fighting former Ultimate Fighter: Brazil finalist, Argentinian Santiago Ponzinibbio (24-3).

Nelson is a submission specialist with four performance of the night bonuses in 9 fights within the UFC. Ponzinibbio is on a four fight win streak and will be keen to get a notch in his belt by taking out Gunnar Nelson.

There is still no sign of local fan favourites Chris ‘Badguy’ Bungard or Danny Henry who have been chomping at the bit to get into the UFC, with interviews we’ve done with them revealing this. Who knows, is there still time or will they make their debuts, if called up, somewhere else?

UFC Glasgow is bound to be an exciting one for Scottish MMA fans and we expect the tickets, which go on sale 2nd of June at 10am to go fast.

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    1. They’ll be over priced probably but agreed no ant watching I want good seats but we’ll probs have to pay for them I’m sure a couple people I knew went last time the tickets were around 100 or over but still it’s the UFC ?

    1. Just saw it. Definitely need to get tickets. The main event will be really interesting and hopefully jo jo gets herself out of the funk she’d been in.

  28. Everyone complaining about no big names, who cares? You’re either a fight fan or not and they are coming here to fight. The atmosphere that the Scots create is enough to elevate any fighter and for sure there are going to be some epic finishes due to that! Mon the Scots! And Mon wee jojo!!!

    1. Haha I wouldn’t say no to that as main but I’d go to any event for Jo alone. I like fights. I’m not going to discredit an event based on names.

  29. Neil Reidy you seen this….would have thought Gunnar would have got a bigger fight than this, and jojo has a tough night ahead of her

  30. So anyone who has been or watched a UFC fight with ‘not so big names’ should know that some of the best fight cards have happened. Like the last time they came to Glasgow knock outs and finishers left, right and centre.

    1. Doesn’t matter if I said awww let’s go watch McGregor v Diaz or Jojo calderwood v that bird I don’t know who she is I bet my fucking house you’d snap my hand off for conor the cards shit end of

    2. Euan Campbell well euan you dont enjoy the sport, you enjoy the drama and the names. If youve never heard of them, how about look them up and watch them fight.

    3. Exactly. Clearly not that much of a big fan if your being ignorant and not even researching who the fighter is and what there potential is. Kinda glad that these ‘Only watch Conor McGregor fights and nothing else but I’ll say I’m a massive UFC fan’ people aren’t going. Means that us real hardcore fans will have more of a chance of getting a ticket.

    1. See tbh mate, it’s an alright event. But is it worth over £100 a ticket? If they’re a bit cheaper then I’d go.

    2. It only got voted event of the year (yes the best show in the UFC that year) by Ariel H. 2 years ago so don’t get to excited lads. Dunno where you’re getting £100 for tickets? 2 year ago they started around £45 and the cheap seats were the business (I was in them mates were ring side and said seats were ok) Get excited it’s gonna be a mad night ???

    3. I’ll be honest, I was really hoping for bisping vs romero to be announced as the main event. (I know I’m a dreamer) lol. With that main, the rest of the card is the tits. The card is good, but just a bit of a lack main.

  31. Do you seriously think we were going to get a huge star after international fight week? Some of you are completely deluded

    1. Regardless of the amount of times it has been here, that card is pretty poor.. Gunnar Nelson should be the last guy to main event a card

    1. Although i like JoJo i’m a bit disappointed with the card this time. The majority is scottish/british fighters, where’s the variety ??? xx

  32. Usual “Its not Vegas so we will put on a shite main event” attitude by UFC. They think if they pepper it with local fighters well lap it up

  33. This is worse than bottom of the bucket scraping and I’m sure many will agree was this just a a fuck it they haven’t had a fight in a wile throw them in NAH!!!! I’m not paying your retarded prices for a shitty ass card like that look at the card this weekend it’s amazing why couldn’t we get Luke rockhold he needs a fight

    1. My names Euan no Paul Craig ya bellend I do support my locals but there not mega stars so Il pay money for a megastar no for my country men there just no enough il stay and watch sparring in my gym if I want to see Scottish fight

    1. Tbf Gunnar Nelson is a finisher and is well known around the UK, and at ponzinibio is on like a 4 fight win streak so it’s decent considering its Glasgow ?

  34. Paul Callanin Chris Jones Robbie Christian Danny Conroy. Was hoping for something a bit more, but should still be good

    1. Enjoyed cavillo’s last fight, gr8 ground game. Here’s hoping Jojo can keep it on the feet! Cards looking no bad, marshman good fight too.

    1. Everybody’s moaning like fuck bout the card ? I think it’s no bad considering it’s Glasgow big name fighters don’t want to fight on the fox cards

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