MMAUK interview with Micheal Quinn

MMAUK interview with Micheal Quinn

We catch up with Micheal Quinn who fought on Saturday at Headhunters FC against Mark Ewen. He won the fight in the second round by arm bar submission and currently has a 4-2 amateur record.

MMAUK: Congratulations on your victory on Saturday night at Headhunters Fighting Championship.  You beat Mark Ewen who had a lot of local support. Did the fight play out as you had planned?

MQ: The plan for the fight was to rush Mark because he’s very sharp on his feet! So I put him on the back foot and was aiming for the takedown!

MMAUK: Did fighting away from home make any difference to you?

MQ: No, I have fought away from home before, last year I fought in FFC in Glasgow and he had the home crowd again in that fight!

MMAUK: You fight out of EFR, when did you start training there?
Had you come from a certain martial arts discipline before moving to MMA?

MQ: I fight out of EFR under the Guidance of David Patterson! I started with Davy 2 years ago when he took a Seminar at my old club and just hit it off with him, I knew I wanted him to be my coach from that day!

I started straight into MMA I haven’t had previous experience in another Martial art!

MMAUK: Tell us how you became involved in MMA?

MQ: I seen a local MMA club opened in my hometown and it suited my working hours in my part time job! So I went to a few classes and fell in love!

MMAUK: Are there any other fighters we should keep an eye out for from EFR?

MQ: EFR has a load of Fighters with the potential to go all the way, Yousef Jaafar, James Mcerlean, Paul Hughes, James O’Boyle and Steven Moore are the names that come to my head straight away!


MMAUK: What do you hope to achieve within MMA?

MQ: I want to turn Professional and become World Champion in every organisation I fight in!

MMAUK: Do you have anyone you specifically want to fight next?

MQ: I don’t want to fight anyone specifically, I’d love a shot at a title, I think that I’m an excited fighter that finishes fights and will always put on a show for the fans!









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