Results from GLORY 43 at the Theater at Madison Square Garden

Glory 43 is featuring some of the best fighters in one of the best places to ever compete in. This card is stacked with a Featherweight tournament, an interim Light Heavyweight title fight, five super fights, and a head liner. The evenings main event will feature Benjamin Adegbuyi 8-2-0 vs Guto Inocente 4-2-0 in Heavyweight battle that will have everyone on their feat. The co main event will be the Featherweight Tournament final.


Benjamin Adegbuyi 8-2-0 overall record 28-4-0 vs Guto Inocente 4-2-0 overall record 33-8-0  Heavyweight Fight Guto Inocente winner via Split Decision 29-28 29-28 29-28

Tournament Final Giga Chikadze vs Kevin VanNostrand Kevin VanNostrand winner via Unanimous Decision 30-26

John Jauncey 6-4-0 overall record 26-8-0 vs Elvis Gashi 0-0-0 overall record 18-0-0             Lightweight Fight Elvis Gashi winner via KO (punches) 2:59 Round 2

Mo Abdurahman 0-0-0 overall record 24-6-N/A  vs Kevin VanNostrand 3-1-0 overall record 12-1-0 Tournament Fight Kevin VanNostrand winner via KO (knock downs) 1:52 Round 1

Giga Chikadze 5-2-0 overall record 37-5-0 vs Aleski Ulianov 0-1-0 overall record 21-3-1 tournament semifinal Giga Chikadze winner via Split Decision  29-28 29-28 29-28



Saulo Cavalari 7-3-0 overall record 60-5-0 vs Pavel Zhuravlev 1-1-0 overall record 70-11-0   Interim Light Heavyweight Title Fight Pavel Zhuravlev winner via Unanimous Decision 30-26 39-26 29-27

Bailey Sugden 0-0-0 overall record 8-1-N/A vs Arthur Sorsor 0-0-0 overall record N/A                Super Fight Bailey Sugden winner via Unanimous Decision 30-27 30-27 29-28

Ariel Sepulveda 4-2-0 overall record 4-1-0 vs Joe Taylor 0-0-0 overall record 2-1-0                 Super Fight Joe Taylor winner via KO 2:55 Round 2

Anisa Meksen 0-0-0 overall record 88-3-N/A vs Jady Menezes 0-0-0 10-1-N/A                         Super Fight Anisa Meksen winner via Unanimous Decision  30-27 30-27 29-28

Itay Gershon 0-0-0 overall record 12-4-0 vs Rafel Dudek 0-0-0 overall record 19-11-N/A Super Fight Itay Gershon winner via Unanimous Decision  30-27

Terrence Hill 0-0-0 overall record 10-1-1 vs Chenchen Li 0-0-0 overall record 27-4-N/A Super Fight     Chen hen Like winner via KO 1:45 Round 1






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