AFC6 – Brilliant Night of MMA In Leeds

‘A Hounding Success’ are the words we use to describe the Almighty Fighting Championship’s 6th Mixed Martial Arts event. The up and coming event brought over 700 spectators to the O2 Academy Leeds to witness both local and regional fighters from across the UK prove their strength and skill within the AFC octagon.

The afternoon of non-stop carnage ruptured with the prelims at 15:45, where fighters Elliot Dring-Hill vs Grant Lyle erupted into the cage. Fighters were eager and explosive upon entering the octagon keeping spectators in a continual state of shouting and screaming which really makes the heart of any MMA event. Notable fighters within the prelims included: Jabeed Rahman who showed true class and sportsmanship after injuring his opponent Emil Nieldzwieci; Sebastian Sroka showed endurance and perseverance in his nail-biting bout with Simon Boult.

As the night continued, the O2 Academy roared. Fight by fight and drink by drink, fans, friends and family members chanted and cheered throughout the main card with the continued rolling fights making for non-stop thrilling combat action. Within the title fights, we at MMA UK were pretty spoiled by the amazing up and coming talent on show for the night, bringing out some outstanding Yorkshire talent within MMA and the AFC.

Seeing the main card unfolded as fighter went to war, fights like Ben Crawley vs Jonny Brocklesby absolutely thrilling fight, as Jonny seemed to be on top for the first 3 rounds, then in to the 4th round Ben came out very quick to take Jonny to the ground and get him in a knee bar, making him tap out 11 Seconds in the 4th Round.

Keeping the fans thrilled as heavyweights walked out for Mick Parkin vs Dawid Oskar in a very heavy-handed fist throwing battle, as Dawid started to tire Mick took him to ground 2:19 In Round 1 Mick managed to get Dawid to Tap via Rear naked choke.

Making the Pro card was Steven Hooper vs Patryk Krzak, Danny Randolph vs Danny Stirk, while Danny Randolph and Steven Hooper both getting a submission win the in first round.

As MMA enthusiasts, it is humbling to see the great work made by gyms across Yorkshire and the country in producing these octagon warriors. It is thanks to the work of AFC founders, Ray Thomson and Steven Maeer that we get to see such a display of skill and the excellent vigilance of the officials that MMA continues to be recognised and regulated.
All in all, AFC6 was a huge success and a credit to MMA with great potential to grow as an organisation. A huge thank you to the fans who came and supported these athletes as they keep the sport on the growth surge it is experiencing today.

Full Fight card below.

Main Card – In fight order.

61kg – Danny Stirk debut (Team Fulinkazan) v Danny Randolph 1-0 (Hamma)

Danny Randolph Defeated Danny Stirk – 3:28 In Round 1 via Side Choke

70kg – Patryk Krzak debut (Fight Ministry Hull) v Steven Hooper debut (SBG Manchester)

Steven Hooper Defeated Patryk Krzak – 1:47 In Round 1 via Guillotine Choke

84kg – Madars Fleminas 8-1 (Bateman MMA) v Ashley Gibson 3-7 (Calderdale Boxing Gym)

Madras Fleminas Defeated Ashley Gibson – 41 seconds in to the 1st Round Via Guillotine Choke

61kg – Mateusz Piechocki 4-1 (Elements Martial Arts) v Luke Westwood 12-1 (Dungeon MMA)

Luke Westwood Defeated Mateusz Piechocki – 28 secoonds of the 3rd Round Via Arm bar (Remember the name Luke Westwood up and coming fighter for sure)

77kg – Ben Crawley 2-1 (Aspire combat sports academy) v Jonny Brocklesby 7-3 (Gorilla Fight Team)

Ben Crawley Defeated Jonny Brocklesby – 11 Seconds in the 4th Round via Knee bar

120kg – Dawid Oskar 2-2 (Independent Steele) v Mick Parkin 4-0 (Dungeon MMA)

Mick Parkin Defeated Dawid Oskar – 2:19 In Round 1 Via Rear Naked Choke

59kg – Josh Mottram 7-5 (Alliance Derby) v Warren Mason 9-9 (The Unit)

Josh Mattram Defeated Warren Mason– 3:28 In Round 1 Via Rear Naked Choke

61kg – Joanne Doyle 6-0 (Team Fulinkazan) v Louise Hiller 3-1 (Aeon BJJ and Revolution MMA)

Louise Hiller Defeated Joanne Doyle – Via Unanimous Decision (And the New Almighty Women’s Bantamweight Champion to take the belt home)

84kg – Fraser Cook 4-0 (Elements Martial Arts) v George Smith 6-1 (SBG Manchester)

George Smith Defeated Fraser Cook – Via Unanimous Decision


70kg – Scott Butters 7-5 (BMB Jiu-jitsu and Team Fuzeta) v Nicolae Pirogan 6-1 (Gorilla Fight Team)

Scott Butters Defeated Nicolae Pirogan– Via Split Decision

66kg Jabeed Rahman 3-0 (Team Fulinkazan) v Emil Niedzwiecki 1-2 (APEX MMA)

Jabeed Rhman Defeated Emil Niedzwiecki – 2:59 in Round 1 via Armbar (dislocated arm)

66kg Harry Ettridge 1-2 (Kao Loi) v Brandon Elwell 1-5 (The Unit)

Brandon Elwell Defeated Harry Ettridge – Unanimous Decision via Rear Naked Choke

84kg Sebastian Sroka 3-1 (Friends and Family) v Simon Boult 2-0 (SBG Manchester)

Sebastian Sroka Defeated Simon Boult – Via Split Decision (Thrilling Toe-to Toe Fight)

73kg Simeon Ottley 2-1 (Game Fight) v Jakub Krol 1-1 (APEX MMA)

Simeon Ottley Defeated Jakub Krol – Via Split Decision

61kg Jamie Camozzi debut (Aspire Combat Sports Academy) v Jack Flanagan 2-4 (The Unit)

Jamie Camozzi Defeated Jack Flanagan – TKO in Round 1 (Spectacular Debut from Jamie)

66kg Craig Skelton 6-4 (Kao Loi) v Robbie Brown 12-12 (Closed Combat Arena)

Robbie Brown Defeated Craig Skelton – Round 1 Via Rear Naked Choke

66kg Jordan Mawer 0-1 (Lockdown MMA) v Jay Eggleston 0-1 (Power Martial Arts)

Jordan Mawer Defeated Jay Eggleston – 2:26 in Round 1 via Guillotine Choke

84kg Grant Lyle 1-0 (The Unit) v Elliott Dring-Hill 0-1 (Gorilla Fight Team)

Elliot Dring-Hill Defeated Grant Lyle – 2:27 in Round 1 via Guillotine Choke

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