Exclusive interview with Jack Shore

Jack ‘Tank’ Shore is an unbeaten 7-0 MMA fighter from Wales, currently plying his trade in Cage Warriors. Jack is coming off a 1st round stoppage of the previously unbeaten Ayton De Paepe. Here is my exclusive interview with Jack:

MMAUK: What got you into MMA and can you remember your first ever MMA memory?

Jack: My father took me kickboxing when I was aged 6 and it just went from there. He opens his own gym Tillery Combat a few years later and I’ve been training ever since. I was always a big fan of the sport when I was a young kid and naturally progressed to competition in BJJ, boxing and obviously MMA!

MMAUK: Are you a full time MMA fighter or do you hold down a day job as well?

Jack: Fortunately I have very generous sponsors and a supportive family who help me to train full time and have been doing so for over a year now!

MMAUK: There is a lot of talk about fighter pay and sponsorship, how hard is it making ends meet as a MMA fighter?

Jack: I think it’s the same as any job to be honest, you start at the bottom and work your way up. Pays not great when you first start out, but obviously if your skilful enough to make it onto the bigger promotions the pay gets better! What the top level MMA guys get is a lot smaller compared to top level boxers, but our sport is still quite young. I think as the sport gets bigger so will the fighters pay!

MMAUK: Take us through a typical day for you, how many hours a day you train and the type of training you do?

Jack: On average I train 3/4 times per day, those sessions can vary from 1-2 hours each! I usually do my cardio in the morning, mid day can be anything from strength and conditioning, No Gi/BJJ or boxing and then my sparring rounds in the night!

MMAUK: What fighters did you admire growing up and have you a favourite fight and fighter?


I was always a massive GSP fan growing up, I really admire his approach as a ‘martial artist’ rather than a fighter. My favourite fighters nowadays are Jon Jones, the Diaz brothers and Frankie Edgar because they’re always so entertaining to watch. And my favourite fight has to be Sanchez vs Melendez.

MMAUK: What sort of timetable do you have, where do you see yourself in two years time, presumably sometime in the future you would like to be in the UFC?

Jack: Obviously being in the UFC fighting amongst the best fighters in the world is the ultimate goal and I believe I’m capable of doing that in the not to distant future. But for know I’m just taking one fight at a time and seeing where it takes me.

MMAUK: What one thing would you change in MMA?

Jack: There’s no one thing about the sport in general that I’d change. But I’d like to see it get more exposure in the UK mainstream media!

Jack, thank you so much for the interview, and the very best of luck in your career.


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