A True MMA Film – Warrior (2011)

There are so many decent boxing movies that have been made over the years, but MMA films is a totally different story. MMA related films end up straight to DVD, most should have gone straight in the bin. However, one decent film is Warrior, released in 2011 starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton as two estranged brothers who end up competing in a 16 man all-star middleweight tournament.

The story is a little predictable but the acting and heart of the film shine through, Nick Nolte as the father of the two brothers was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Kurt Angle the WWE/TNA star has a role in the film, Angle often talked about doing MMA himself, he never did. But actual MMA stars were in the film, Erik Apple, Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson and Nate Marquardt who added a touch of authenticity to the film. Some of the fight scenes are way over the top, but nonetheless, it’s by far the best MMA to be made to date.

If you have yet to see the film, its more than worth a watch.

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