Interview with Molly “Meatball” McCann ahead of Cage Warriors 90

The build-up to Cage Warriors 90 continues as I had a chance to catch up with Molly “Meatball” McCann just six weeks out of her woman’s flyweight title fight at Cage Warriors 90. On 24th February 2018, McCann will step into the cage in front of an intense home crowd at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. McCann will no doubt be welcomed back with the support of the city behind her in true Liverpool style.

McCann, currently 6-1 as a professional, has looked technically superb under the Cage Warriors banner. After a notable unanimous decision win over a tough and experienced Priscila de Souza back in October at Cage Warriors 88 (also hosted at Echo Arena in Liverpool), McCann will be pushing on to cement herself further as one of the UK’s best female fighters going in to her first five round Championship contest against an unconfirmed opponent. Up to now, Cage Warriors are yet to officially confirm the opponent McCann will be battling, however, McCann is un-phased and ready for war. Here what she had to say…

Brad: So Molly, I know I have caught you in a pretty busy time just six weeks out. How is camp treating you?

Molly: Camp is going really well. It is structured really well, every day I have an hour and a half of live rounds in the gym, then I have an hour pad session and then a strength and conditioning session all tailored for me and my opponent.

Brad: As Cage Warriors are yet to confirm an opponent, is it slightly daunting that you are yet to find out who you are fighting? How has that changed your preparation?

Molly: No, it isn’t daunting as I know who my opponent is, I am just waiting for the contracts to be signed and sent out so I know what I am preparing for, it is absolutely fine. Preparations have not changed much other than the volume of training has gone up to coincide with the number of rounds I will be fighting.

Brad: Obviously it would be rude not to ask; who is the opponent?…

Molly: Obviously, you are not meant to know until it is released, are you Brad!?

Brad: It was worth a try. So, have you known for a while whom that opponent is so it has given you time to prepare, and how sure it will definitely go ahead if those contracts are not officially signed?

Molly: Well if the contract has been drawn up and signed, I am pretty sure the fight will go ahead. It doesn’t matter who I am against, I just want to look after myself and do me and I will batter whoever I am against anyway!

Brad: Now that time has passed since your last fight with Cage Warriors back in October, in reflection, what can you take from the performance against Priscila de Souza?

Molly: I have learned that you can put me in with anyone that has double, or triple my experience and I will still come out a winner.

Brad: In that case do you class yourself as the “New Generation” of top-flight woman fighters?

Molly: I don’t know if I would say I am part of the new generation as I don’t think I am doing anything different to what’s been done, I just feel like I’m someone that gets in there and leaves all I have got in the cage – that is how I have fought since the beginning.

Brad: I completely agree with that, you do always leave everything in there. Do you think fighting in Liverpool brings the best of that out of you?

Molly: Do you know what? I think I could fight anywhere in the world if I have got a few of my family and friends there it will always bring the best version of me, but I am not going to lie, there have been a few times in the last few fights where I have been in compromising situations and having the Scouse crowd there did make a huge difference. It was like the 12th man in football. I say it quite a lot but it is a privilege and an honour to fight in front of Scousers because they tend to spend about £500 to £600 on my fight. Tickets are “x” amount, some people get their hair done, new shoes and a new outfit, the night out after and the day off work etc. It all adds up in the end, so I have to give everything I have got when I get in there, just to justify how the fans spend to watch me.

Brad: A great answer. In that case, do you have a special message for all of the faithful fans that will be spending that money and attending?

Molly: Bring, the noise, kids! Liverpool gets a new World Champion come February 24th! Oosh.

Brad: To conclude our conversation, do you feel 2018 is “Year of the Scouser” with yourself, Darren Till and Paddy Pimblett all pushing hard for greatness? Do I smell a UFC call up for you?

Molly: The UFC is there for whenever I want it, so I guess I will just keep talking to my team and see if it works out. I am still with Cage Warriors, but it’s a case I will see if it is more beneficial to go to the UFC. With Darren leading the way in the UFC, it won’t be long until the UFC is in Liverpool anyway.

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