UFC 221 Shows Less Is More For The UFC

I don’t think I have been less interested in a UFC card than I have been for this weekends UFC show in Charlotte headlined by Jacare Souza and Derek Brunson. That is no disrespect to any fighter on the card, and admittedly a show you are not that bothered about sometimes ends up giving you great fight after great fight, but sometimes I feel we could do without certain events.

Take the UFC PPV offerings, for example, they should be stacked from top to bottom, ranked fighters fighting each other, titles on the line etc, often that is not the case. Fighters who would normally end up on PPV often find their way onto the Fox cards, weakening the PPV cards.

Of course it’s a fine balance, obviously, you have to showcase certain talent on free TV, to build the brand and all that, but I just feel there are too many shows and not enough quality or depth for the number of shows we have currently. You could perhaps even argue that there are too many PPV cards, but the UFC is highly unlikely to cut the current amount of PPV cards and lose the revenue they generate.

Sometimes I also feel the fans could do with a break also, especially when you get shows week in week out, you could argue it waters down the product in terms of quality.

Personally, I would like to see one PPV card each month, and say one other Fox show in that month, so we have a week’s break every other week. I would like to add a limit on the number of fights on the cards also, say no more than 4/5 fights on the main card, five fights on the prelims and just two on Fight Pass, again I feel it would increase the quality of the cards the UFC gives us.

As ever I would welcome feedback on this, what’s your views, I try to watch everything, so is it simply a case of viewers picking and choosing what they watch, or the UFC upping the quality and cutting back a little.

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