Bisping Open To The Machida Challenge

Bisping Open To The Machida Challenge

Michael Bisping heard the friendly call out from Lyoto Machida and has said that he might just take Machida up on the challenge.

Machida following his split decision victory over Eryk Anders after thanking all his friends, family and fans “The Dragon” said to Paul Felder ” Michael Bisping, I’m here for you man” and with Bisping looking for his retirement fight it’s absolutely a possibility.

“The Dragon,” said he felt a matchup with Bisping was long overdue and should have already happened but a variety of circumstances have prevented it, but the former UFC light heavyweight champion believes the time is now and is perfect for both him and “The Count”. Speaking on his “Believe You Me” podcast, Bisping admitted he’s very interested in the fight, but before officially agreeing to anything, said he needs to speak with the UFC.

“He’s had a great career, and it ticks all the boxes (for my retirement fight) from that standpoint,” Bisping said. “That’s about it. As of right now, I’ve got to speak to the UFC and find out what’s going on for myself. I’m not considering opponents or who they are. I’ve got to speak to (UFC President) Dana (White) and the UFC guys and figure out what’s going on next and in life.”

Bisping has stated he appreciates the respect of the call out from Machida and he has a lot of respect for “The Dragon”. “He just said we were supposed to fight a couple of times over the years and that it hadn’t happened and that basically, he had a lot of respect for me,” Bisping said. “I’ve got a lot of respect for Machida, I really do. He’s one of the true martial arts specialists and one of the true martial artists that compete in the octagon, so I have respect for him. Of course, there was the steroid issue, … there’s always going to be an asterisk over him.”

“I’ve (got) no problem with the decision, but what I do have a problem with is what Machida said afterwards,” Bisping continued. “I’m only joking, I don’t really have a problem with it; he called me out once again.” Bisping was expected to fight at UFC London in March but it did not work out. Rashad Evans and Vitor Belfort were the names being thrown around but nothing materialised from it with bad timing and Bisping’s pure hatred for Belfort as a person and as an athlete.

When this fight would take place and where is a mystery, but “The Count” wants his last fight to be in England so maybe later this year or next year the UK may be treated to another event on English soil.

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