An interview with Curtis Blaydes

Curtis Blaydes, 27. 9-1 in his MMA career and 4-1 inside the UFC Octagon is the current #5 ranked UFC Heavyweight. Curtis will next face Alistair Overeem at UFC225


(Q), Out of all the fighters in the UFC you’ve met who’s the nicest ?

(A) “I think Neil Magny is one of the nicest human beings who ever walked this earth.”

(Q), Which training supplements do you use and which would you recommend to the lower level fighters.

(A), “I really don’t mess with supplements like that, I’ve just started using post workout recovery powder for aminos. I don’t feel comfortable in my supplement knowledge to recommend anything.”

(Q), What did your daily life consist of before becoming a professional fighter.

(A), “I worked and hung out like most normal people.”

(Q), After a dominant performance against Mark Hunt we’re now aware that you will face Alistair Overeem at UFC225, what is your prediction.

(A), “I predict a victory I don’t know how it’s impossible to predict that.”

(Q), What are your favourite memories of being a fighter.

(A), “Hanging out with my teammates and friends those are my favourite memories.”

(Q), Will you be looking for a title shot against Stipe Miocic if you defeat Overeem.

(A), “A title shot is only logical once I win.”

(Q), Who is currently your favourite fighter in the MMA community.

(A), “My favourite fighter is prolly Khabib.”

(Q), Are you happy with your recent extended contract.

(A), “Yes I’m happy with my contract.”

(Q), Would you or have you ever thought of a move to Bellator.

(A), “No I wouldn’t have gone to Bellator.”

(Q), What are your thoughts on Stipe Miocic, is he the heavyweight GOAT over Fedor and Cain.

(A), “Stipe is the best heavyweight champion in UFC history 3 title defence’s proves that.”

(Q), What would your advice be to a youngster who has dreams of one day becoming a professional fighter.

(A), “Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough.”

(Q), What is your prediction for Werdum Vs Volkov.

(A), “Volkov wins by unanimous decision.”



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