Fatman to Batman: Week 1

Fatman to Batman: Week 1

Goddammit, I could fight a homeless man for a bar of chocolate right now” Leith Monro, day 1 into a lifestyle change.

After a conversation with the team at MMA UK, it was suggested that I should introduce my blog to the MMA masses.

This is going to be slightly different than what most of you are used to reading on this wonderful site; for some, this will be too much “Why on earth do I want to read about a fat guy getting into shape?! This isn’t ‘Mens Health’!” for others this actually may be some form of inspiration…” look at the fat-ass go!!!”

So, therefore ladies and gentlemen, similar to Chris Weidman’s post-fight speech from 3 years ago ‘This is my last invitation. Join the team” (you know things are bad when a writer is referencing a pretty terrible quote from a former vanilla middleweight champion, but I won’t back down (sorry, couldn’t help myself there…)


Anyway, let’s begin and start the journey right back to many, many years ago…Leith Monro (that’s me btw) had just started his career in the ‘wonderful’ world of recruitment.

My first office job where I didn’t need to work on weekends (or so I thought…).

After 8 years of being in this industry 2 major things happened

1. I lost my beautiful barnet (I maintain this was through the stresses of the job and not genetics or any of that pish)

2. I steadily gained weight, lost weight and then 2 years ago decided that the fat-suited me and I would stop going to the gym, walk anywhere, eat food that was good for me, and generally go on a rampage of booze and takeaways to the point where my blood pressure was through the roof, I had a fatty liver and pretty much looked a like a bald, bearded Jonny Vegas

Despite the doctors telling me that my chaotic lifestyle needed a drastic overhaul I took more pleasure in sitting on my arse, eating crisps and saying “I’ll defo look at dieting next week” – that next week actually ended up arriving on Monday 30th April 2018.

I had an epiphany, probably similar to the time Bruce Wayne finally realises he is going to dress up like a giant bat in Batman: Year One “Yes Father, I shall become a bat”…my year one moment was “FFS, I cannae fasten these suit trousers, absolute shitebag!!!”

At this point, something had finally clicked in my head that once and for all, there would be no more promising myself I would do it next week.

My love affair with Irn Bru, Crisps and Pies needed to stop.

At 34 years old I needed to get in shape. I also needed to completely reset my life in terms of nutrition, health and wellbeing (we will get into more of that hippy world in future posts readers, brace yourself…)

I decided that the only way I could realistically be held accountable during this transformation was to get into contact with a Personal Trainer.

Last year, I had flirted with the idea of doing something about ‘the belly’ and got into contact with a chap called Harry Thomas at ‘No.1 Fitness’, yet didn’t go through with it.

Last month I finally did. I told him of the predicament I was in. We discussed my goals, timeframes, along with my current diet – needless to say, admitting to drinking 24 cans of Irn Bru along with devouring every last morsel of a 24 pack of monster-munch any weekend there is a fight on (which is every weekend!!). This raised a few eyebrows, to say the least!

So began my training the next day…Harry, for all you bat-geeks out there, is essentially the Ducard/Ra’s Al Ghul to my Bruce Wayne.

Day 1 was particularly brutal. I was weighed and body scanned. What great fun that was.

The results were gruesome – 17.7 stone (or 248 pounds, yay…I made heavyweight!!!), my body fat percentage was 35% and my metabolic age was 49 (I’m 34 ffs people!?!?!?), the only saving grace was that the scan did show I was quite muscular and rated 19/24 (yeah buddy!!! screw the lifestyle change, I’m powerful!!!)

Day 1 was supposedly “a light workout mate, to test your fitness” – I nearly had a stroke.

The plan is to go from Roy Nelson to Ubereem (minus all the horse meat shenanigans). I need to drop from being a heavyweight to a welterweight…like the opposite journey Anthony Johnson took (hopefully just a shredded too)

Join me on the journey and witness a fat man get his shit together and prove that anyone can!

You can keep up to date on my Facebook page and medium page! https://medium.com/@leithmonro / https://www.facebook.com/Fatman2Batman/

Until next week! Thanks for reading!





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