Fatman to Batman: Month 1

If this blog was a tv show this part of the story would be the be when we flash forward in time…

So last week was my introduction to the blog.

I have a confession, it wasn’t week 1, in actual fact, I had been training/dieting and generally missing junk food for the past 27 days. 27 long arduous days…

Flash forward to the present day and here I am on day 36.

I won’t lie or spin it, it sure has been tough. My body ached for the first 2 weeks (my old man knees still take some coaxing to get going in the morning).

For about 21 days I yearned for a can of fizzy juice, a bag of crisps (scrap that, a MULTIPACK of crisps, any flavour, even roast chicken flavour, which I HATE), pies, takeaways, you name it, I would have loved to devour it.

The 4.30am wake-up calls are still brutal from that miserable horrible shitebag, the Amazon Alexa. For 36 long days, it still doesn’t shut up on the first command. It isn’t anything to do with my Scottish accent, it just does it now for shits ‘n giggles…the machine is learning and it knows how to punish me. AI will kill us all people!!!!

A funny thing has happened on this journey, however…I have begun to like the dieting, the having to hit 12,000 steps a day, along with the training (which still makes me yelp out from time to time)

But truthfully, I am enjoying being active. People who haven’t seen me in a while comment that my face actually has a glow about it, rather than its previous angry, scrunched-up greyness to it and my body is “less Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a little bit more solid looking ” (an actual quote from a ‘friend’)

My mentality has changed somewhat too.

Being Scottish, there tends to be something ingrained in our DNA where the fire in our bellies naturally make a few of us angry (me)…

Anyone who has known me long enough knows I have a tendency to lose my shit and have a meltdown at the slightest thing, so much so that it has become a bit of a joke to see me throw my toys out and have a tantrum like a toddler. In the past 36 days, I have had 1 ‘hulk out’ moment and that wasn’t even my fault. Honest.

The biggest achievement in all is that at this very moment of writing this article I have gone from 111kg down to 105kg! In 36 days!

Clearly, there is still a long way to go, as I am still a heavyweight, but I have moved from being Francis Ngannou down to Stipe Miocic in the space of a month…(if only I had either man’s fighting skillset).

The next step before the end of July is to get myself down to light-heavyweight. Without going to ‘gym-bro’ on things, my upper body is starting to go through a definite change visually and little by little the belly is shrinking.

I feel good, so much so that this week I have begun training in the morning and at night.

I have also been boxing once a week and now feel confident to go into a BJJ class without worrying that I would have the mobility of Teila Tuli (look him up kids if you don’t know who he is).

I have even signed up for hot yoga to ensure I am supple and ‘loosey goosey’ which will inevitably help my flexibility?! What has become of me?!

All in all, things are going well and the road to be like a 5’10 version of Ubereem (minus the horse meat) is slowly beginning to take shape (pun intended)

Month 1 down…lots more to go.

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