Arena Fight Promotions: The Quest For Rudis Live Results

Arena Fight Promotions brings a night of amateur and professional MMA to the Fife Ice Arena with The Quest for Rudis Fight Night. Results will be updated as they happen below.

Fight 11 Reece Strathearn (Braveheart MMA) vs Dominic Sharkey (ACC) 75kg РReece Strathearn def. Dominic Sharkey via split decision

Fight 10 Sean Stroud (Braveheart MMA) vs Frazer Hirsch (Caledonia fit) 84kg –¬†Frazer Hirsch def.¬†Sean Stroud¬†by Submission (armbar)

Fight 9 (SANDA) Nacho de la Parra (Spain) Vs Mattis Shneider (Germany) Рfight ruled a majority draw 

Fight 8 David Fell (Braveheart MMA) Vs Michael Surma (Marta Do-Combat Academy) 78kg –¬†David Fell¬†def.¬†Michael Surma¬†Rd.2 Submission (armbar)

Fight 7 Graeme Callaghan (Braveheart MMA) Vs Aaron¬†Towns (Results Gym Forfar) 60kg –¬†Aaron¬†Towns def.¬†Graeme Callaghan by KO (upkick)

Fight 6 (SANDA) Esteban Gimenez (Spain) vs Ryan Donald (Scotland) –¬†Ryan Donald def.¬†Esteban Gimenez¬†by majority decision

Fight 5 Bradley Scott (Braveheart MMA) vs Wiktor Modzelewski (DSB Lublin) 66kg –¬†Bradley Scott def.¬†Wiktor Modzelewski by unanimous decision¬†

Fight 4 Kelson Duffy (Team Unity) vs Piotr Krzysztof (Rick Youngs) 66kg –¬†Kelson Duffy¬†def.¬†Piotr Krzysztof rd 3 by Guillotine choke

Fight 3 Steven Hay (Braveheart MMA) vs Robert Moore (Maximum power) 70kg Рfight ruled a majority draw 

Fight 2¬†Jack Graham (Braveheart MMA) vs Christopher McCormick (Glasgow Fitness) 66kg –¬†Christopher McCormick def.¬†Jack Graham by unanimous decision

Fight 1 Ryszard Kraszewski (Marta Do-Combat Academy) vs Ross Newbigging (Fudog) 75kg –¬†Ross Newbigging def.¬†Ryszard Kraszewski¬†by unanimous decision


All Photos by Cyndi Mcmillan

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