Details emerging about Eleven Sports UFC deal

Details emerging about Eleven Sports UFC deal

There has been widespread negativity regarding the recent announcement that BT Sports has stepped away from the bidding process for the UFC rights.

With news emerging that Eleven Sports will be the likely new home for UFC coverage in the UK, has added to the angst of MMA fans.

Most fans have been disgruntled at the prospect of having to pay another subscription fee, potentially pay for PPV and the feeling it was bad for MMA growth in this country by moving away from a mainstream provider.

However, reports have been emerging that things may not be as bad as first feared.

Award winning podcast Fight Disciples shared some information on their podcast about the deal.

Nick Peet, co-host of Fight Disciples, is a well respected MMA journalist who usually has information on good authority.

You can listen to the podcast through the Fight Disciples website.

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According to Peet, that yes, some events will be PPV, however, these would be for only massive draws, e.g. McGregor fights.

Peet, suggests that Eleven Sports will be available as part of existing Sky/Virgin platforms. Eleven Sports are also expected to increase the amount of UFC material that fans can consume with more magazine shows etc.

As Peet states on the show, at present, the maximum amount of people who could view UFC in the UK is around 6 million, if all BT subscribers were to watch at the same time. Now with Eleven expected to be available similar to Eurosport on existing platforms the potential is there for many more fans to be able to watch the UFC.

It is expected more information will become available this week.

Some screenshots doing the rounds on social media have shown what could be the price for Eleven Sports streaming service in the UK.

Image Credit (Twitter/ @SeanWalford)

Only time will tell if this deal will be good for MMA in the UK.

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