Fighters or famous?

Is this the end of an era or the beginning of a new one for MMA?

As stories are breaking of BAMMA/Bellator either working together or possibly ending a working relationship we are all left waiting to hear how both will move forward.

Bellator have signed a number of pro-MMA fighters, and Cage Warriors have also snapped up another 11 fighters, all from the UK and Ireland, many who have featured on the BAMMA card.

You have to wonder where does it leave the smaller local promotions and other major promotions that had promised to showcase an event in the UK and Ireland or who have already provided a platform for fighters?

While many will say with so much talent signed it can only be a good thing for MMA fans and fighters, I have to strongly disagree, it feels like a new era in MMA and as everything it should progress but I think this is a massive regress for a beautiful sport that is years older than many that now follow MMA or take part in the octagon!

Have we lost the talent that came with many fights in the local octagon/cage where fans could literally hold onto the cage and scream, where your record wasn’t protected but fighters fought every month if they got the chance, but most importantly it was a sport built on dedication, passion and perseverance!

Can it ever be ok for a fighter with 30+ fights against a fighter with 4 fights to be given the same platform?



Its already being debated with the entrance of Aaron Chalmers onto the scene, but if promotions are willing to sign fighters on talking or the ability and to sell shows surely in time the fight matchmaking will suffer and we as fans will be sickened!!

How can smaller shows like AKUMA or Cage Legacy get a pro on the card to help sell and progress the amateurs and new pros coming up through if no pro is available?

And how boring will a show become with fighters all signed to one promotion?

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