New Bellator signing Hermansson puts a target in her crosshairs

Just over a day has passed since Bellator announced their newest raft of European signings and their newest women’s flyweight starlet Malin Hermansson has set her sights on a target in the 125lb division.

Heather Hardy, that’s who I want”, The Herminator announced. “Styles make fights and to test my skills against a Golden Gloves winner would be a perfect way for me to kick-start my career in Bellator”. Hermansson has a boxing pedigree herself, competing sixty times in the ring before winning Swedish Amateur Boxing gold in consecutive years before transitioning to MMA in 2016.

Having only turned professional in December 2017, Malin has taken the tough fights to prove that she’s ready for the big stage. “I fought IMMAF gold medal winners back-to-back. First Gabriella Ringblom, then Cornelia Holm. I learned a lot from both fights. Mostly that it’s more fun to fight a striker than a grappler! Both have grappling-centric styles, so tried to take me down and keep me there. That doesn’t work against me, as I can always get back up to my feet; but it’s so boring for the fans. They want to see action, which is why I want Hardy. She’ll try and stand with me, which will be exciting; but it won’t last long, I guarantee that”.

It’s been a meteoric rise for the 29-year-old Swede, “Two years ago I was winning the Swedish Amateur title, now I’m part of the best women’s flyweight division in global MMA”. Hermansson credits much of her success to her team. “My fiancée Patrik (Hjulstrom) is my Head Coach (at Akademi Nord in Örebro), he has been training me since Day One. Patrik is an amazing coach. He is very technical and analytic in his coaching”.

“He is very good with structure and planning, but also very hard. When we enter the gym he is only my coach and he can be very annoying sometimes! I guess that’s why I have evolved so fast, because of the relationship we have. He pushes me, supports me and doing the schedule. We breathe MMA every day”.

For the past year, Hermansson has found a second home in the Far East. “Bali MMA came into the picture before my first professional fight and we found it so valuable that we went back for my second camp. Being away from home allowed us to just focus 100% on training in a warmer environment; that’s how I want it from now, we will go to Bali when its time for the fight camp. Its a really good complement to Akademi Nord. The training there is very professional, but also very hard. After camp, I always feel ‘If I survived this, I’m going to be ready for anything’.If Hardy is brave enough to accept this call out, she’ll be the first one to experience this”.

“I can’t wait to get going in Bellator now, this is where I belong. Currently, Alexander Gustafson is the most famous Swedish fighter. I intend to change that. Now I’ve arrived at the top table, I will be the first Swedish World Champion”.

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